Our Philosphy

  • Author: Ouabdelkader Mohamed
  • Created on: 2015-08-24
  • Updated on: 2016-08-30

The pillars of our approach

Our doctrine, conception and manner to interpret the consultancy field perfectly joins our label "AFA". We want to reach the "pinnacle" in the field of communication marketing, management and computing/IT consulting.

For this reason, our philosophy incorporates two main components:

  • globalization
  • continuous improvement and technology watch

We aim to build an effective, creative and multidisciplinary expertise to support our clients in regards of all their problems.

To design and implement an optimized communication strategy, an effective marketing plan, or any project management or IT system/platform, we explore all the available and appropriate tools for that particular project.

1) Global consulting firm

We provide entrepreneurs and managers with all the necessary skills in marketing, communication, commercial, management and IT to:

  • Simplify their lives by working with one multi-skilled consultant that can deal with all of your issues.
  • Create synergies by fully exploiting the various available tools.

We partner with different clients that may be located in Morocco or abroad, private or public, large or small:

  • very small, small and medium-sized businesses
  • holding companies and multinationals
  • public organizations
  • even people working for good causes

In our consultancy firm, we wonder why the marketing, management and IT tools are exclusively monopolized by the big businesses, that's why we are fighting to make them also available to small companies regardless of their size or industry sector.

2) Continuous improvement

The areas of marketing, management and IT are rapidly changing and continuously bringing new concepts, for this reason, our consulting firm is following a continuous improvement strategy:

  • We constantly update our expertise.
  • We strive to acquire and experiment new methods and ideas.

We use the best practices and we push our quality standards to the pinnacle because our desire is to provide you with a strong consultancy that will meet your expectations.

With these two pillars of our philosophy, we can produce effective, operational, innovative and high return on investment (ROI) and enriched solutions.

What are your issues?

There is surely a response in AFA Advisory.

Strategic marketing

  • growth strategy and market penetration
  • launching new products
  • designing your strategic positioning
  • increasing the product awareness

Operational marketing and commercial action

  • destocking and sales promotion
  • events organization
  • commercial animation
  • retail marketing (merchandising, POS etc.)
  • new customer acquisition
  • increased sales performance with external/outsourced sales forces


  • management of your advertising campaign
  • media planning
  • ROI analysis of communications campaigns

Graphic design and print

  • creation of communication supports/materials and printing
  • logo design and conception of graphical charter/corporate identity guidelines

Customer relationship management

  • customer loyalty strategy
  • marketing information system
  • emailing
  • implementation of CRM tools (ERP or software)
  • loyalty program


  • creation of websites
  • charter and editorial line of a website
  • editorial content writing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social marketing and community management (SMO)

Market research

Are you willing to conduct a market research, or are you planning to undertake a crucial action that will mark a turning point in the history of your company, but you are lacking some actionable information on which you can base your decision? We can conduct your marketing research to collect the necessary data for optimal decisions:

  • quantitative research (surveys etc.)
  • qualitative research (focus groups, individual interviews etc.)
  • desk research

Our cross-media experience allows us to identify and solve your problems by creating custom, optimized and ROI oriented solutions.

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