Our ETHICS Values

  • Author: Ouabdelkader Mohamed
  • Created on: 2015-09-18
  • Updated on: 2016-08-31

Our ethical charter

For us ethics, it is worth gold!

We don't seek to only improve the technological tools of our consulting firm without including the commonly accepted moral values in our workflow.

"Ethics is the aesthetics of the soul" - Pierre Reverdy
"Great men are concerned with ethics, little men with etiquette" - Claude Frisoni

We work with an ethical charter that directs us all the time in our work. Our moral values are ubiquitous, form our character and mark out the ground for all our decisions.

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know your values." - Roy Disney

In this context, our approach is to invest in ethics as well as in technical stuff.

Our values may be combined into a single English word "ETHICS"

  • Engagement
  • Transparence
  • Honesty
  • Impartiality
  • Confidentiality
  • Solidarity

Our ethical values


We are committed all the time to mobilize our resources and time.

  • We mobilize fully the resources needed to complete your project.
  • We strive to achieve your goals ahead on time.

This virtue is spread within the team. On the other hand, we take care of our consultants and we really avoid recruiting unserious or careless people.


We hate obscurity in our relationships with customers, for this reason we work in a transparent way during all project phases, and we offer them honest and detailed information about the services provided, namely the required budgets, the deployed resources, the operational execution and finally the complete report and generated benefits.

On the other hand, our offers are clear and without surprises, because we believe that if we hide some facts from customers they will become disappointed and then lost definitely.


We are doing our business fairly and transparently.

Integrity is exercised in our agency with respect to all stakeholders (customers, colleagues etc.).

We do not joke with your goals and still less with your budget.

We reject altogether all unfair practices to snatch unfairly a contract (bribe).

We only accept a project if we are able to bring a real benefit, that's why we refuse to accept the impossible missions.

We always offer cost-effective solutions to our customer. Better yet, we take enough time to analyze his query to see if it really needs a particular action, and when needed we point him in the direction of what may be better.


All our customers receive the same service and the same level of involvement, regardless of their sizes or their commands. Everyone is treated on an equal footing.


We guarantee strict confidentiality of all the work and all the exchanged information.

The whole team is sensitized to the discretion and non-disclosure of our clients' professional secrecy willfully or negligently.

This is crucial when we work for competing brands.


We hope to raise our relations to an advanced stage and give it a more philanthropic aspect to jointly share the good and bad times.

"Without solidarity, performance is neither honorable nor sustainable." - François Proust


We adopt the above values because we integrate them into our life and we promote them outside of work. By sticking to these virtues, we can create a climate of trust and a partnership spirit with our customers.

To sum up, we seek a lasting and a win-win collaboration.

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