Our Vision and Mission

  • Author: Ouabdelkader Mohamed
  • Created on: 2015-09-07
  • Updated on: 2016-08-30

Before continuing, let's agree on the terminology.

A vision is the ultimate long-term objective or what the company is willing to become in the distant future, and it is also a source of inspiration and motivation.

The mission is the purpose of the business.

Our vision

The AFA consulting firm aspires to be the privileged partner for its clients.

We hope to build a portfolio of serious customers that we will love and that they will love us too. Our goal is to be their preferred consultant. We aspire to become it thanks to through in-depth knowledge of their activities and by delving deeply into their problems to provide adequate solutions and ensure constant growth. Therefore, we focus on an ongoing and lasting win-win relationship.

For this, we are looking for serious customers and targeting the portfolio quality not necessarily its volume.

We really respect customers who are solvent, honest, realistic, and working professionally and properly.

We take time to analyze our potential customer relationship before starting a collaboration. In certain circumstances, we withdraw to avoid any future problems.

To understand what we seek as clients, here are some examples of unwelcomed behaviors and demands:

  • Not honoring its obligations especially the financial ones (schedule, amount etc.).
  • Ask unrealistic deadlines. Certainly, we are reactive and fast enough, but when this is not possible, we dare saying it.
  • Claim that a queried project is very easy. No need to evaluate the workload required for a mission, transparency and probity are promised.
  • Extremely disorganized client.
  • A client who cannot formulate his need, and then asks us to realize a project.
  • A client working in a field that goes against our personal beliefs such as tobacco and alcohol.

Our distant vision is to have these valuable clients to ensure our agency development, and in return, they will benefit from a high level of strategic support. That's because, we will delve deeply over time into their businesses and teams so that their missions also become ours.

We prefer retention instead of acquisition, even if we keep a limited number of satisfied clients. This is what motivates us to do our best to earn our customers and retain them.

In a word, we are aiming for a partnership that lasts and develops over time.

Our mission

Our consulting firm is intended to accompany and assist marketing entrepreneurs and communication, management and IT decision makers in their dynamic growth and in their global quest for performance.

Our mission is our passion, and that it consist in delivering excellence in results for our clients.

Do you block on increasing your performance indicators and generating more added value? Do you need experts to help you achieve your dreams? You knock on the right door.

Advisory AFA seeks above all to satisfy its customers through high quality services, deep commitment and continuous proximity in order to deserve being your preferred consulting partner.

We work with all the possible businesses/institutions:

  • very small enterprises
  • SMEs
  • holding companies
  • multinationals
  • organizations
  • and even people id they promote something positive for the community

In this context, one wonders why small and medium businesses do not have access to the same tools exploited by big companies. For this reason, we make available such robust marketing and management tools to all our customers regardless of their size or industry.

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