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Our Agency Inbound Marketing and Communication AFA designed the importance of inbound marketing companions for this, it provides its customers with comprehensive and efficient solutions in this area to enable them to achieve their visibility needs , Traffic, loyalty, commitment and transformation.

If you are looking for more prospects on the web, you are invited to think of inbound marketing as an ideal candidate, and discover its benefits, as well as our expertise and what we can offer you.

What is Inbound Marketing?

The inbound marketing still called inbound marketing, is a strategy that uses many forms of webmarketing such as content marketing, blogs, social media, online buzz events, SEO and more , To increase the reputation of the brand and attract more prospects.

Unlike outbound marketing or outbound marketing (push), where merchants try to find customers, inbound marketing (pull) attracts the attention of customers and makes the business easy to find thanks to good content propelled With techniques that increase its exposure (social networks, SEO etc.). This formula of webmarketing is little intrusive, it wants to be more natural and spontaneous and less harassing.

Inbound marketing replaces previous marketing tactics that are now obsolete, as companies deploy new methods of outreach, relationship building and lead generation.

The key to inbound marketing is to create a strategic content adapted to your prospects and to the different phases of the buying cycle (search for information, comparison of products, search for expert testimonials and opinions, decision making etc.). ). By following this approach, you provide valuable, moose and oriented content directly to that specific visitor. This helps to attract and push potential customers further down the buying cycle, it also helps to meet their objections and build trust. All this translates into attracting more qualified leads, generating more orders at a fairly low cost, and building a portfolio of loyal and high value-added customers.

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing offers many benefits, when used effectively it can:

Generate brand preference and influence future purchases.

Generate shares in social media and inbound links.

Contribute to optimization for search engines (SEO).

Increase the reputation of the brand and / or improve the brand image.

Allow customers to engage with your brand precisely when they need it, and at any time.

Generate qualified leads for a lower cost (compared to traditional marketing).

Build a stable acquisition and retention strategy for the long term. Indeed, unlike traditional marketing initiatives, especially one-off ones, efforts in inbound marketing ensure a constant return on investment, for example, good content offers many immediate and long-term benefits, it draws attention to your business During the launch and will continue to be a reliable resource for your customers as long as it stays on your site and generally on the web. Over time, relevant content gains more in terms of exposure through search engines, social networks and word-of-mouth, resulting in a snowball effect and unlimited potential.

The techniques of Inbound Marketing

Most successful inbound marketing campaigns integrate three components, namely, good editorial content + natural SEO + social networks. In other words, create original content and put in place vectors that are likely to circulate it and stir up its vitality.

Natural SEO (SEO)

Optimization for search engines is an integral part of effective inbound marketing. It consists of selecting an effective list of keywords with high potential, achieving a structured and technically optimized design of the site (code, markup, software and physical server etc.), well writing by taking into consideration certain SEO criteria as well as keywords, Selected keywords and possibly carry out netlinking campaigns. A successful SEO makes it possible to take your site to the top of the search results, and thus ensure a good visibility of your content.

Content marketing (blogs)

By far, the most common form of inbound marketing materializes with blogs that can play a powerful role in driving traffic and generating leads.

The content can also be conveyed with other formats such as videos, electronic white papers, newsletters, webinars ... these are all forms of viral content to consider and to circulate in the web via blogs and / or networks Social benefits.

Social Media

With about 2,206 billion people who use social networks every month to share information, you can not afford to overlook popular online communities such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Any opportunity to share valuable content is an opportunity to practice inbound marketing.

How to design and implement your inbound marketing strategy

When it comes to inbound marketing, the more money you put into it, the greater your return on investment.

Here's how to get started:

Identify your target audience and learn whatever you can about them. Do not write content to inform your customers until you know what is attracting your audience.

Determine your story so that it is unique and compelling. Why should your audience listen to you? Unleash your positioning and competitive advantages over your competitors.

Choose your delivery platforms. Do you want to blog? A Tweet? A Post on Facebook? A Pin in Pinterest?

If you choose a blog or site, you should pay attention to the aspects related to natural referencing (criteria off-page and on-page).

Create and run your content calendar strictly. It is important to design a timeline that will ensure the production of new and relevant content, consistently to continue engaging your prospects. Keep in mind that your theme should be focused on the issues and concerns of customers, not on your business, do not behave unilaterally with your audience.

Rather than focusing on "enough" content, marketers should focus on publishing quality content. Content that educates the target audience and strengthens brands. Good content will be shared, thus increasing its reach, raising awareness, building trust and generating more leads. Bad content will lose followers and will harm your reputation.

Good content confirms your business expertise and highlights your authority, retains existing customers and reassures prospective customers.

And do not forget to reserve time for analysis on a weekly basis if possible. This step will help you to monitor the impact of inbound marketing efforts and the corrective actions to be implemented to improve the overall impact.

"Marketing Automation" at the service of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can only be invoked as the only possible way to generate business. To achieve a more balanced approach, it is appropriate to combine incoming efforts with outgoing activities and other components of marketing automation.

Marketing automation allows inbound marketing specialists to use tools and strategies to convert fans and prospects to followers and customers. Automation accomplishes this by cultivating relationships with prospects who are not yet ready to buy (most often via targeted email campaigns). Automation also improves your incoming efforts by helping you separate legitimate leads from other non-legitimate ones. In addition, connecting marketing automation to your customer relationship management (CRM) system ensures that none of your prospects are lost through the continuous, close monitoring that can be provided with such automated systems .

The combination of Marketing Automation tools with Inbound Marketing strategies can be assimilated to jet fuel on the fire.

Learn how to quantify your success

When you measure the success of your inbound marketing efforts, there are a plethora of settings to choose from. If you decide for example to follow your SEO performance, you can view the rankings in the SERPs, the inbound links and the number of web pages indexed, this way you will be sure to get an insight into how your SEO campaigns Natural performent.

However, do not let yourself be taken down by basing your decisions on marketing activities alone. For example, having 5,000 subscribers on Twitter might seem impressive, but this number does not offer too much insight in terms of real business results. Instead, you should be looking for financial indicators that show how marketing helps your business to generate more profits and grow faster when stacked against your competitors.

One of these valuable indicators is organic traffic, which represents the number of visitors to a site that come from a typically Google search engine. If your site or your company name appears up in the search results, then it can be said that you have benefited from a successful organic search.

Tracking how much of this traffic turns into prospects and dissecting conversion funnels according to the specified goals (purchase, sign-up, newsletter subscription etc.) will give you an idea of ​​overall performance and allow you to make decisions and strategies Marketing well thought out.

This analysis must be perpetual, indeed, you should follow trends so that you can see how fast your online presence improves. Some marketing automation solutions offer this type of functionality.

Inbound Marketing, a necessity for a sustainable and effective strategy

In our fast paced society where the Internet and social networks shape our everyday decisions, customers are exposed to more information than ever before. This phenomenon does not only make them more educated, but it is also the cause of a change in purchasing behavior. Therefore, B2B and B2C marketing efforts must be adapted to keep up with this change.

Today's companies are realizing that traditional marketing efforts are not enough to produce satisfactory profits. Instead, inbound marketing techniques should be used in order to attract more prospects and favor a better preference for the brand. To succeed in inbound marketing, companies need to introduce a disciplined approach to content creation, introduce marketing automation tools that can help them feed prospects and optimize how these flows drive a sharp rise in sale.

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