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AFA netlinking agency (also called Link Building or Backlinking) mobilizes large different skills in SEO teams like the editors, operators of SEO and backlink, bloggers, partners, community managers etc. so you generate backlinks (also called inbound links or back links) good quality while respecting the Google guidelines for ethical SEO.

We have gained great experience in creating back links. We offer you a natural and effective netlinking to propel your visibility on the major search engines namely Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. We opt for a constant and progressive backlinking in order to perpetuate gains and also to guard against Google sanctions.

Importance of backlinks (back links)

The acquisition of the inbound links also called "Link Building" is an important strategy to do to gain positions, but it is also very dangerous if done incorrectly, and may even harm your website SEO. Indeed, Google expects that websites will spontaneously link, however, it has become too rare, for this reason, Google and others are setting up automatic and / or manual mechanisms to detect abuses that Aim to manipulate the algorithm of the search engine.

Being aware of this potential risk, our netlinking agency SEO strives to create a mesh of quality links around your website, and this, avoiding any practice of spamdexing (abusive referencing). Our goal is to push your site up in the pages of the results of major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. And ensure a good positioning that lasts in time.

The backlinks as a signal SEO positioning (Search Engine Ranking Signal)

When a user makes a search, a search engine (Google for example) consults his index to find pages that are likely to process and address the query entered. Of course, it will find enormous results because of the competition and content that has become immense. For this reason, it uses in addition to the criterion "relevance", another criterion of classification and sorting of the results, namely "popularity".

Note that :

1) Analyzing the relevance of the candidate pages allows Google to know to what extent this or that page responds to the search query.

2) Popularity is conditioned by the number and quality of incoming links. You can see it, the backlinks play a decisive role in the positioning.

Incoming links can be likened to votes in the eyes of search engines. Indeed, they believe that the more a site has quality backlinks, the more interesting it is, the more worthwhile it is to be presented to the Net surfers at the top of the results.

Netlinking issues

Of course, the inbound links contribute to a good natural referencing, but they make it possible to obtain other non-trivial benefits to be taken into consideration when setting up netlinking campaigns to maximize the gains.

Benefits include:

  • Increase traffic. Indeed, on average 1/3 of the visits come from the referring sites, which makes it possible to vary the strategies of capture of traffic to reduce the risks, one must be well aware of the danger that may present a visibility which is focused solely on the engines of research ;
  • Promote awareness of your brand (brand awareness);
  • Strengthen your authority in an area of ​​expertise.

Our strategy of netlinking

To generate backlinks, we use several methods that are varied, complementary, ethical and on top of that, they have borne fruit and are therefore proven:

Public relations 2.0 and drafting / submission of press releases (press releases)

We will use press releases when it comes to highlighting an important fact such as:

  • The launch of a new product;
  • The organization of a future event;
  • The achievement of a great achievement (certification, obtaining a label etc.);
  • The communication of satisfactory financial key figures; The sponsorship of an event (sports, cultural, etc.);
  • Open days;
  • Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions;
  • The signing of agreements;
  • The organization of seminars;
  • ...

The use of online press releases makes it possible to rapidly generate links of good quality and thus quickly reach interesting positions.

Building partnerships

We study your brand, then we look for partners with whom to carry out actions of mutual visibility with techniques like cobranding, exchange of links, reciprocal recommendations etc.

Setting up a blogging relationship campaign (guest blogger, guest blogging, guest posting)

We identify influential blogs that have a strong affinity with your area of ​​expertise and then we contact the administrators to propose to them the writing of articles in return for the insertion of certain mentions like a return link, a signature, a logo , Etc.

Submitting the site in good quality directories

We create a list of very targeted directories, and we also sort according to quality, because the directories are not made equal in terms of the importance given by the search engines and also the number of potential visitors that can be returned by the 'directory.

We take care of your presentations and submissions so as to have a maximum of validated inserts and also highlight your brand and strategic positioning.

SMO and creation of social links from major social networks

SEO experts increasingly agree that social networks positively impact positioning on search engines both directly and indirectly.

  • Directly: number of shares, likes, number of followers on Twitter, number of people in your circle Google+, number of tweets mentioning your link etc. ;
  • Indirectly: improved engagement metrics, favorable ratings in major sites like Google Local, Yelp etc., increased visibility ...

Creating sponsored articles and negotiating low-cost backlinks

A sponsored article or a sponsored ticket is nothing more than an article written by the owner of a site such as a blog, webzine, forum or directory on a specific topic such as a product, service or brand following Our request in return for a reward (free sample, gift, agreed sum of money etc.).

Contribution to targeted, high-quality forums

We get backlinks and answers to questions to highlight your authority in your area of ​​expertise.

Blog comments

Less and less is being practiced.

We add high value added comments in popular articles and close to your field of expertise to work both your SEO, visibility and authority, and get varied nofollow and dofollow links.

Link Baiting with original articles

We write on your behalf well-kept and high value-added articles such as case studies, surveys, the treatment of subjects trend or topics too sharp, multimedia contents fun etc. Then we share them in social networks and other sites to generate backlinks.

SEO Reverse Engineering

With tools and techniques, we get the same backlinks as your competitors in very good positions.

Over time, the operators and SEO consultants of our netlinking agency have built up a large database of interesting directories and partners, as well as ready-to-start approaches and methodologies.

Backlinking tools

Our SEO consultants are well equipped, and they accompany you to develop your links quantitatively and qualitatively in order to propel your site in the search engines.

Link analysis and audit

We use paid web services to study your main competitors (reverse engineering and benchmarking) and also to regularly monitor the acquisition of your backlinks as well as the overall profile of your links.

  • Majestic SEO
  • Open Site Explorer (SEOmoz)
  • Ahrefs

Keyword research and semantic analysis

Some semantic analysis tools are used to optimize and vary the text anchors.

  • SEO Keyword Magic
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • SEMRush Keyword Research
  • Übersuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Bing Ads Intelligence

Web Analytics

The analysis of organic traffic as well as the one that comes from the referring sites allows us to judge the performance and progression of our netlinking SEO campaigns.

  • Google Analytics
  • Piwik

Tracking of positions

We select a list of keywords and generators of qualified traffic and we "track" the evolution of the positioning of the site against these chosen keywords.

  • Web CEO
  • Advanced Web Ranking

Crawl and technical audit of sites

We use these tools to detect non-indexed pages and areas, search traffic, backlinks, internal links, manual penalties where appropriate, and much more.

  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO Application

In addition to the aforementioned SEO tools, our netlinking managers use our RESTful SPA (single page application) designed by our own developers. This application makes the work more productive and allows to improve the supervision of the operators netlinking (screenshots, exact date of addition of backlinks, netlinker concerned, potential backlink etc.).

Our approach to netlinking

1 / Study Your SEO Goals

Before starting a netlinking campaign, we carry out in a first stage a briefing meeting to study your needs and what you expect from us:

  • What kind of backlinks do you want to have?
  • What is the number of incoming links to be insured and how often?
  • Want to increase your web notoriety?
  • Looking to defend your web reputation?
  • You aspire to strengthen your authority in a particular area of ​​expertise?
  • Are you penalized by Google or downright de-indexed and are looking to get out of a manual or algorithmic Google penalty?
  • Want to appear in the top positions in search results?
  • You have made netlinking efforts and you want to audit your current campaigns?

Trust us ! We have good solutions. We have been practicing netlinking for several years and have forged a strong and effective methodology for quality work and guaranteed results.

2 / Analysis of your current link profile

We will dissect the profile of your links:

  • IP addresses of referring domains;
  • Subject areas;
  • The quality of your backlinks (popularity and index of confidence of the source pages);
  • The quantity of incoming links, their distribution and their degree of wealth;
  • The geographical and thematic areas from which most of your backlinks come;
  • The rate at which links are acquired;
  • The types of links (tracked, non-tracked, HTTP 301/302 redirects, clickable images, unrelated single quote, etc.);
  • Text anchors and their degree of variety;
  • ...

3 / Study of the netlinking strategy of your main competitors

We carry out a detailed study of your main competitors, to discover the backlinks acquisition opportunities (back-engineering) as well as good practices and the best in your field of activity (benchmarking).

4 / Implementation of the netlinking strategy

After the preliminary study done on your objectives, your competition and your site, we carefully tailor your SEO campaign of netlinking in order to generate backlinks of very good quality that it is spontaneously or deliberately.

Our work is more qualitative, we take seriously the instructions of the search engines when acquiring the links and we pursue a very cautious approach so that the efforts of netlinking do not go away in smoke one day.

Our key to success is to provide qualitative, progressive and careful work for sustainable results.

  1. Regular Reporting

The activity of our netlinking operators is constantly monitored and the results are continuously tracked, to ensure a good follow-up of the campaigns and also to allow our customers to know that reports their budget and in what pace they advance towards the objectives Fixed in advance.

  • Evolution of organic traffic;
  • Monitoring of day-to-day positioning against priority keywords;
  • Tracking the profile of backlinks: is it natural? Is it rich enough and varied? Is it optimized?

It is possible to agree on a regular report to be delivered at agreed intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.), with possibly presentations in front of your team if you so request.

Acquiring backlinks (incoming links)

Contrary to what several agencies, consultants SEO and tools promise: "thousands of incoming links for only 10 Euros", we put your objective before our eyes, to appear in the first pages, for this reason, we focus on Quality while ensuring a correct number. In the end, you will judge for yourself of our work.

Our level of knowledge of search engines as well as long experience in the field of SEO, allowed us to know who works and who does not, and also what can be harmful in terms of SEO practices.

We work in a clean way, and we know how to avoid penalties like Google Penguin and Google Panda.

We generate high quality backlinks, relying heavily on wealth and "naturalness", and we choose with great care the sources of acquisition.

Do not appeal to amateurs! Require skill to not see your budgets go up in smoke or even worse see your site penalized.

Penguin penalty

Among the missions that we are used to doing is the treatment of sanctions against spamdexing. We analyze the site affected by a Google penalty, usually Penguin or Panda, and we put in place a series of actions to get the impacted site out of the penalty SEO.

It is a mission that requires the intervention of an SEO expert to properly diagnose and care for the site. Indeed, several sites affected are unable to recover even after several months, reason why the cleaning and repair works are not sufficiently effective and / or exhaustive.

Why our agency SEO?

Netlinking manual without spamdexing

Our inbound link acquisition process is 100% manual. This allows us to ensure a maximum level of quality, and to master the process in its entirety in terms of cadence, types of links, degree of variety of anchors and much more.

Our SEO consultants and netlinking operators follow the guidelines of Google and others, which allows us to stay in a region of comfort and security, and thus perpetuate the benefits of your SEO companions.


We are transparent at all levels:

  • Price and billing;
  • Promises and forecasts: despite the nature of the SEO domain which is more or less unpredictable, we make every effort to make correct predictions;
  • Reporting;

SEO expertise and continuous updating of our skills

Our expertise can be attributed to two factors:

1) We are all time on the lookout for new products. We constantly learn and follow the news of the domain SEO by consulting sources of authority, official blogs, and people of the collective of Google. This allows us to discover new tools, new practices and tried and tested methodologies to integrate in our processes.

2) As the adage says "it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith", accumulating a lot of knowledge is crucial, but by testing tools and implementing referencing techniques and by experimenting, one ends up knowing what works Really and what does not work at all, what is risky and what is safe etc.

Great team for projects netlinking d'envergue

  • You have a voluminous site that has thousands of pages to do "netlinker"?
  • Do you have a large portfolio of sites that you intend to work?
  • Your environment is very competitive and you have to have thousands of backlinks to reach your rivals?

In such situations, it is necessary to call on a large team which can be composed of different profiles, namely:

  • SEO consultants who will take on the role of project managers;
  • tens of responsible netlinking that will make the "ninja linking";
  • Several community managers who will energize your pages to generate a maximum of interactivity and that will also create backlinks from social networks;
  • Content generators (web writers, translators etc.) who can do guestblogging actions (guest blogger).

Such a team is difficult to set up and especially to supervise and supervise for an optimal result.

Thanks to our Netlinking agency, everything is already in place, entrust us your project and concentrate on your core business and just glance over our regular reports.

The creation of inbound links is one of our specialties, we have formed for this purpose a team exclusively dedicated to the development of links.

Disclaimer: This article is translated with Google.

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