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Our SEO company accompanies you and advises you to improve your web visibility on Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo etc.).

We work with clients in Morocco, and also international clients who are looking to outsource their SEO campaigns. Our offshore SEO agency in Morocco (Casablanca) will enable you to achieve your goals with correct budgets.

We guarantee you SEO strategies of quality respecting the charters of search engines, through techniques SEO "White Hat Seo" as opposed to techniques SEO "Hat Black" (Black Hat Seo).

We are well equipped and we constantly follow developments in the field of major search engines and natural referencing.

Your site will be optimized for Google and others, and your traffic and visibility will tangibly improve.

Why do natural SEO (SEO)?

Every site is normally intended to be visited by Internet users, and many of them use search engines, especially Google to find sites that are likely to respond to their searches, hence the need to appear in the first Results pages (SERP).

Do you know for example that:

  • 90% of average users click on the sites on the first page of Google;
  • More than one third of Internet users click on the site that appears at the top of the ranking;
  • More than half of the traffic comes from search engines on average;
  • Google sees the lion's share of the search engine market (more than 75%, followed by Bing and Yahoo);
  • The site in first position is clicked 3 to 4 times more than the site in second position;
  • Two-thirds of Internet users click on average on the first three Google results on the search results page;
  • Very few people move on to the second page, barely a third, but many of them change keywords if the first page does not give satisfactory results.

As you can see from the statistics above, it is imperative to opt for SEO leverage (search engine optimization) to offer you better exposure. By adopting natural referencing as a legitimate lever of traffic creation, you make the choice of a strategic investment that is long-term and whose spin-offs are lasting.

How to do SEO? What are the steps of SEO strategy?

We have accumulated proven experience in the realization of large SEO campaigns, thanks to the worked sites which are characterized by their different natures and which are addressed to varied publics.

Over time, we have built a solid natural SEO methodology that may differ depending on your goals and the stage you are in:

  • Work upstream referencing: prepare the web referencing of your website from its conception;
  • Review / care for a site penalized by Google;
  • Strengthen a site already launched and that has benefited from some SEO efforts;
  • Set up the SEO strategy for an online site but that has never been optimized for search engines.

Our SEO methodology is as follows:

1) Strategic and semantic study

Before embarking on SEO optimization efforts, we perform a comprehensive analysis of several parameters such as expected goals, key competitors, the type (s) of SEO to make and priority keywords.

The campaigns of natural referencing are characterized by a large scale and time of establishment of more or less length, for that it is necessary to prepare well the ground, it is not small operations that can be initiated suddenly.

1.1 / Study your SEO positioning goals

During this phase, we listen carefully to understand your SEO needs.

  • You want to be visible on a specific region or at a national level?
  • Want to be prominent internationally?
  • Looking to manage your web reputation?
  • Are you trying to get out of a manual or algorithmic Google penalty?
  • Your site has been online for several months but does not go up in the results pages?
  • Your site has stabilized in any position and is no longer able to climb a notch?
  • Do you want to audit or improve your current SEO campaign?
  • Are you about to design a site and you want to optimize it to search engines well before its launch?

You can contact us for the aforementioned problems or any other question that concerns you, the SEO SEO is a profession that we know very well.

1.2 / Study of your environment (activity, customers, competitors etc.)

This step will prepare the ground for the next steps. We study in depth:

  • Your business;
  • The expectations of your clients;
  • The content and current visibility of your site, if applicable;
  • The main competitors that appear in good positions on search engines.

Once impregnated with your environment, you pass to the semantic analysis step.

1.3 / Choice of priority keywords

The objective of this step is to stop a list of keywords which will determine the contents to be produced (themes and subjects), and which will be constantly used to optimize the body of the articles to be published.

The magic rule is to find targeted keywords that are over-demanded by your customers and ideally characterized by not too strong competition. By following this rule, one gets the maximum of qualified traffic for the minimum of time and budget.

Of course, we also choose overly competitive keywords and we go into battle with your competitors when deemed appropriate or compulsory. As long as the competition intensifies around a keyword, as long as it becomes very difficult to get to the first positions and stay there for a long time (keyword difficulty).

How is the search for keywords and semantic analysis?

Our SEO consultants having already studied your environment, they draw up a starting list that contains the first keywords that come to mind.

Other items are added to this list by atomizing certain expressions or by developing certain terms (long-tail keywords).

In a next step, free and / or paid web tools are used to enrich the preliminary list:

  • Similar and related keywords;
  • Trendy keywords and topics;
  • Keywords suggested by self-completion tools;
  • Etc.

Then, other tools are used to estimate the potential of each keyword (estimated traffic, competition and difficulty of the key word, average CPC, etc.).

Finally, we carry out a step of analysis, prioritization and even filtering to exclude certain keywords that:

  • Are not sufficiently targeted (vague terms);
  • Have nothing to do with the project and the objectives set;
  • Have negligible potential.

This step should be entrusted to an SEO referrer, otherwise there is a risk of falling into the usual trap of selecting keywords generating low-skilled traffic and which are generally very difficult due to the exacerbated competition. We avoid this kind of trap by positioning your site on well-targeted and high-value keywords.

2) Optimization and implementation of the SEO campaign

2.1 / Web copywriting or web rewriting

According to your objectives, the preliminary strategic analysis carried out and the stage where your site is located, we carry out several actions:

  • Write articles on a new site;
  • Filling out articles online;
  • Insert multimedia content (images, videos, eBooks, white papers, etc.);
  • Feed a site with new content;
  • Optimize already published articles;
  • Cure / repair items that suffer from the duplicate content problem;
  • Internationalize a site by translating its pages into other languages;
  • Design the tree structure and hierarchy of your articles (information architecture);
  • Improve navigation (internal links, breadcrumbs, intuitive explicit URLs, menus, etc.);
  • ...

We ensure the writing of your articles so that they are intended and adapted to your customers while optimizing them to the search engines, without, however, distorting the user experience. In this regard, we take care of several things such as markup (HTML code), keyword density, headings and headings, first paragraphs (hat, hook, etc.), images, internal links, article size , Spelling ...

To produce content, we offer two solutions:

The web writing that aims to generate resolutely original articles and high added value. In this case, we call on experts and well wedged specialists your industry, and we set up an effective and original editorial strategy.

Rewriting the web (web rewriting) that is to rework what has already been posted on the web, in order to:

  • Translate it (translation rewriting);
  • Make it more exhaustive (deepening rewriting);
  • Improve it (enhancement rewrite);
  • Correct it (correction rewrite);
  • ...

Even if one reuses what already exists, one avoids plagiarism and the recurring problem of duplicate content that often causes Google penalties.

2.2 / SEO audit and technical optimization of the website

We conduct a thorough audit of your site SEO to sense the urgent problems immediately and areas for improvement in planning in the short to medium term.

We dissect several elements including:

  • The user experience: navigation, accessibility, ergonomics, content, responsive design, etc. ;
  • The server infrastructure: availability, reliability, performance, SSL encryption, etc. ;
  • Files and codes for search engines (HTML code, robot files and sitemap etc.).

2.3 / Netlinking (also known as Link Building or Backlinking)

Importance of backlinks (inbound links)

Incoming links are considered by Google to be votes cast by voters (sites that point to you) and are an important ranking factor since the start of the major search engine, and then the same concept was taken over by others (Bing Etc.).

Our natural SEO agency creates a mesh of quality links around your website, to boost its positions in the results pages.

The acquisition of incoming links (backlinks) is paramount but very risky if done by an amateur referrer and can even harm your web referencing.

Google expects that the creation of external links (votes) will be spontaneous, but it has become too rare, for it, it has reviewed several times its internal mode of operation and it has devised intelligent algorithms that 'He constantly updates to face these practices of acquiring deliberate and unnatural links.

Setting up netlinking campaign (backlinking)

We create inbound links of good quality, while considering several important elements such as acquisition rate, sources of achievement (good entourage, quality of the site, affine theme etc.), text anchors, types of links Nofollo # dofollow, http redirections).

Among the actions we are undertaking:

  • Manual submission of the site in a list of good quality directories;
  • Guest blogging (guest posting);
  • Contribution to targeted and qualitative forums;
  • Linkbaiting with high value-added items;
  • Press releases (press releases);
  • public relations ;
  • Sociable links from major social networks;
  • Blog comments (less and less often);
  • Quality partnerships;
  • Acquiring qualitative backlinks from your competitors (reverse engineering);
  • ...

Over time, we have built up a large database of interesting directories and partners. In addition, our netlinking managers use our SEO application developed in the internet which allows them to work efficiently and which also allows us to control the work (screenshots, exact date of addition of backlink, operator concerned, quality of the backlink etc. .).

3) Monitoring and control of the SEO campaign and reporting

We set up and implement tools that allow us to "track" the overall performance of SEO campaigns, and also ensure the correct implementation of the SEO optimization schedule.

Organic traffic analysis with webmarketing tools (Google Analytics, Piwik etc.).

Follow-up of positioning: follow-up the day of the evolution of Google positions according to a list of priority keywords.

Diagnosis and tacking of the profile of links: themes, number of backlinks, addition rate, sources, text anchors, types of links (followed, non-tracked, HTTP redirects etc.) Areas of authority).

To enable you to consistently monitor the performance of your SEO campaigns, we regularly provide you with a detailed positioning and traffic report at an agreed rate (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) that contains all statistical analyzes and useful synthetic data , So that you can judge for yourself your progress on the web.

Our Types of SEO

International natural referencing

If your product, brand, service or simply site is addressed to several communities scattered all over the world, from diverse cultures and practicing different languages, it is imperative to translate the contents published in the sites to other languages.

Why international SEO?

  • Democratize the site to all your audience;
  • Increase the size of "indexable" content, which translates theoretically into more traffic;
  • Protect your content, and prevent other unofficial individuals from taking the initiative and translating your content in a way that may be counterproductive.

Thanks to our team of translators in major languages ​​like French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian ... we translate your content by paying attention to SEO good practices.

We also register your site in the international directories, for all the available sections that correspond to the languages ​​of your site. Local repertoires are also used for each country and / or target language.

Local natural referencing

Localized SEO web may be considered by companies who want to focus their communication efforts on a very specific region (geolocation).

This type of SEO is suitable for local businesses, shops, shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafe, hotels etc.

We undertake the following actions to improve your local positioning:

  • Submit your site to a list of geo-localized directories and directories of local businesses;
  • Optimize your content so that it appears at the top of the results for targeted and localized queries;
  • Take care of your presence in specific search engines like online maps, to allow users to locate you easily on a map or an access map.

Niche referencing

You have a too specialized product or service for a niche market, you can help position your offer in this narrow segment. While niche markets are characterized by less intense competition, it is more difficult to approach specific small customers.

You deeply degrade your jargon and semantic universe, and you also study your niche in order to detect its language. Indeed, one often falls in a case where the vocabulary of your audience differs from your technical jargon.

We help you become an unquestionable authority in your universe with effective SEO techniques, netlinking and guest blogging.

Universal referencing and multimedia

You publish multimedia resources or downloadable content for offline viewing, such as audio files, computer graphics, PDF / Word eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, video courses, and more. In this case, the referencing of these contents is necessary.

We optimize your resources to appear in universal search Google and others using several specific techniques.

Mobile referencing

Search engines like Google present search results that can be diametrically different depending on whether you were browsing with a smartphone or a computer.

Indeed, the positioning factors are not the same, for this, we optimize your site so that it appears in the first positions to mobile users.

Social referencing (SMO)

We design your presence in the social networks most relevant to your objectives and activity, and we manage your social pages in order to generate a great virality and interactivity with your audience (shares, likes, comments etc.).

Paid Search Engine Optimization (SEA)

Also called sponsored SEO, it consists of publishing sponsored links in the search engines or in their display networks, by bidding on online auction platforms.

For example, you can upload and optimize your Google AdWords campaign to show Google sponsored ads (commercial links).

Our SEO Methods

To propel your site, we use all kinds of tools that we categorize as follows:

SEO Optimization On-page

We optimize your website to boost its positioning, but also to attract good quality traffic (targeting). To do this, we improve your content, anatomy and structure of your site, navigation, HTML source code and other technical aspects (server, SSL certificates, responsive design, robot site accessibility, Etc.).

SEO Optimization Off-page

We carefully tie your netlinking strategy to generate very good quality backlinks, be it spontaneously or deliberately.

Our SEO experience also allows us to do a clean job and thus guard against Google penalties, in this case the sanctions that can be caused by the Penguin algorithm.

Our SEO Tools

We use a whole array of SEO tools, some of which are paid for, but since we work on several projects, we amortize the cost widely, making these tools accessible to our customers even if some of them are more or less expensive.

Here is a sample of what we use in the usual way:

Link Audit

  • Majestic SEO
  • Open Site Explorer (SEOmoz)
  • Ahrefs

Keyword research and analysis

  • SEO Keyword Magic
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • SEMRush Keyword Research
  • Übersuggest
  • Keyword Planner
  • Bing Ads Intelligence

Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Piwik

Tracking of positions

  • Web CEO
  • Advanced Web Ranking

Crawl and technical audit of sites

  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth
  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Competition Analysis

  • SEMrush
  • SimilarWeb

SEO Application

It is a RESTful SPA (single page application) developed by our developers and used to supervise and improve the netlinking activity.

Why our natural SEO agency?

Ethical and good quality referencing

When SEO efforts are undertaken, it is essential to work in a clean, honest manner and in accordance with the guidelines of search engines for webmasters. The desire to appear quickly in the top positions must not push you to do spamdexing (spamdexing). The risk of being penalized is high, resulting in astronomical loss of positions or total withdrawal of the search engine index.

We optimize your site and we implement your content strategy, as well as your netlinking campaign while avoiding Google penalties that can be generated by the Penguin, Panda, etc. algorithms.

We do not work blindly, we have extensive experience and we use powerful tools to drive our SEO campaigns well.

We already have several sites on the front page in very competitive areas and for difficult keywords.

Do not take risks, entrust us your next project of natural referencing!

SEO upstream

If you decide to entrust us with the creation of your website, you automatically benefit from a web referencing upstream. Indeed, all our solutions are optimized for the search engines.

We place the issues of SEO at the heart of all stages, including design and development.

We work together to produce a "Google Friendly" website, starting with optimization of codes, web technologies and navigation, via an efficient choice and optimal configuration of the deployment server and ending up In place of your strategy of writing and acquiring backlinks.

It does not stop there, we accompany you in duration as long as you consider it opportune.

SEO Consulting Team

Our SEO experts are both people:

  • Passionate about natural referencing, which drives them to stay connected to the latest innovations and good practices;
  • Experts, our SEO consultants have worked on real and large-scale problems, where they have had the opportunity to test, implement, exploit and empirically identify good and bad SEO practices.

Our team ensures you a strong involvement, a great dedication, a reactivity, a total confidentiality, an extreme transparency and of course the optimization of your return on investment.

SEO Update

Search engines are constantly changing to be able to both deal with referrers who try to manipulate their algorithms and also to better serve Internet users by presenting relevant searches.

For example, each year Google brings hundreds of changes to its search algorithm, approximately 500 to 600 times according to experts. Although these changes are minor, they can have a tangible impact on your ranking, not to mention that from time to time, Google deploys major updates (Google Panda algorithms, Google Penguin etc.) that affect many sites and Dramatic, and that many of these impacted sites are unable to recover.

For all these reasons, we consider regular and constant technological monitoring of SEO a key success factor for any SEO agency that respects itself.

With this in mind, we invite and encourage all our consultants in natural referencing to listen to the evolutions and to foster the sense of sharing within our agency SEO.

Multilingual web editing

You want to conquer other markets and make your site accessible to other regions or countries?

Do not use a simple translator, but rather SEO consultants who will accompany you to internationalize your site, it is a mission that requires a lot of skills related to translation, SEO optimization, content marketing etc. .

ROISte Approach and Conversion

Our approach is simple and efficient, to drain qualified traffic from the search engines and then to refer to web pages optimized also for conversion (articles, features, downloadable resources etc.).

After all, what matters is return on investment and not just traffic. For this, we place the marketing conversion at the heart of our SEO positioning efforts.

We evaluate your metered progression in a monetized or other size you think is useful with audience metrics and conversion tracking tools.

Complete SEO Service

Our offer is complete and SEO has no secrets for us.

In order to maximize your visibility in search engines for all relevant keywords and qualified traffic generators, we offer you a range of solutions:

  • Google penalties processing;
  • SEO optimization on-page;
  • SEO off-page optimization;
  • Link profile analysis;
  • Training of your developers, webmasters, web writers and web referencing team;
  • Comprehensive audit of your site;
  • Selection and analysis of priority keywords;
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking;
  • Content strategy;
  • Netlinking campaign;
  • Return on investment analysis;
  • Monitoring of your positioning;
  • Presence on social networks;
  • Animation of your social pages;

We realize all kinds of internet referencing, according to the problems and objectives set:

  • International referencing;
  • Local referencing;
  • Web referencing;
  • Universal referencing and multimedia;
  • Mobile referencing;
  • Social referencing;
  • Commercial referencing.

We put in place 360 ​​° strategies by mobilizing all the tools and techniques SEO deemed used, and we follow your performance on a regular basis.

Our price of SEO natural

Our SEO rate depends on your project and your goals, however we share with you the following information to get you a global idea and also to answer the following queries that are often searched on Google:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • SEO quote
  • SEO Tariff
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • SEO Awards
  • SEO rates
  • Price performance SEO

The actual price depends on the type and scale / difficulty of SEO actions to implement.

Action Type SEO

Scope / Difficulty

Web Writing

Number of articles to write and complexity of the theme

Semantic analysis

Number of keywords to be treated and complexity of the domain

SEO Technical Audit

Number of pages to audit, site complexity and audit criteria (number and type)

Netlinking (generation of backlinks)

Number of backlinks to generate

Google penalty processing

Severity and difficulty of penalty

Link Profile Analysis

Volume of your portfolio of backlinks

We offer several modes of collaboration such as:

  • The monthly installment for SEO campaigns that fall within the long term;
  • The flat rate (payment per project) for a one-time SEO transaction;
  • Consultations on time for example to benefit from an SEO board.

In any case, you can consult us at any time for a transparent SEO quote and no surprises.

Time to see first results in SEO

If you are looking for a good SEO, you have to invest in time and effort.

The time needed to start feeling the results of an SEO campaign for a new site can typically be 4 to 6 months. Of course, this is only a typical scenario, but time can vary upward or downward depending on the intensity of competition that revolves around the keywords chosen.

After observing the initial results, you should maintain your SEO efforts in order to achieve your expected quantitative goals, most importantly do not fall into the trap of underestimating the budget or the time needed to succeed.

SEO is a strategy that should be part of the long term, even if you get good results because maintaining its good positions acquired involves maintaining SEO efforts, if you give your hard-earned positions to your competitors.

Other points to note:

Moving from page 10 to page 3 (positions of scores) can be in many cases, easier than going to the third position to the first position.

When your return on investment reached its optimum and stabilized, it must pass a strategy to keep your encrypted results instead of developing them.

Disclaimer: This article is translated with Google.

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