Web Marketing Methodolgy

The implementation of a web marketing strategy must go through a series of steps and follows a proven and constantly updated methodology, in order to best meet the expectations of our customers and ensure maximum return on investment.

Our approach is essentially based on the following steps:

1) Brief between the digital web marketing agency and the client

This is the preliminary step to any digital strategy. We get deeply involved during this step for each mission. We enable dialogue and trigger several exchanges with the client to immerse ourselves in his issue, and understand several key points:

  • industry and business
  • product offering
  • target market
  • brand DNA and strategic positioning
  • strengths of the competition and their offensive
  • expectations, intended results and strategic orientations
  • analysis of your current presence in the Internet
  • current eMarketing strategy if any

We work together to analyze the above-mentioned variables and at the end of this first stage we define clearly and in detail the scope and content of the web project.

This phase allows us to specify the marketing budget and act while remaining consistent with your strategic online.

2) Planning and conception of your digital strategy

Following the brief, we choose from a multitude of web marketing tools, those that are best suited to your situation, and we establish detailed specifications.

We also plan the digital project to meet your needs while respecting your constraints:

  • actions to deploy and related expenses
  • web marketers to be engaged
  • timetable of realization

3) Implement and execute

We mobilize our team to set up your digital campaign following the best practices and the highest standards of the industry.

4) Tracking and evolution

After the launch of the web marketing campaign, our mission does not stop here, we suggest new ways of collaboration to maintain and strengthen your e-Marketing project:

  • Monitor your web marketing strategy throughout its whole life cycle.
  • Evolve and provide new recommendations thanks to our creativity and proactiveness.
  • Track and analyze regularly the ROI of your actions and produce a transparent assessment statement of your advertising campaign at intervals you choose (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  • Renew the same action if necessary.

Contact us for your next advertising campaign! Our web marketing agency will support you so that you can generate more value with the web channel and achieve your expectations in terms of qualified internet traffic acquisition, loyalty, engagement and transformation.

We are well equipped and we have great experience and a multitude of increasingly innovative, efficient and personalized solutions, and above all, we are a passionate team about digital marketing and exciting challenges.

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