Our Digital Marketing Expertise

The AFA digital web marketing agency has acquired over the years a range of diversified and complete digital marketing services. Whatever your e-marketing strategy or problem, you will surely find a response in our digital agency:

  • Improve my Google ranking.
  • Gain visibility on the Internet.
  • Attract more qualified visitors to my website.
  • Better target customers on the Internet with an advertising campaign.
  • Reduce the bounce rate.
  • Trigger customer engagement in my website and social networks.
  • Implement a customer loyalty strategy.
  • Develop sales of my online store.
  • Optimize online conversion (web transformation or conversion).
  • Increase the return on investment (ROI).
  • Analyze and measure the ROI.
  • Analyze my web audience and my Internet traffic.

To achieve your web marketing goals, regardless of their nature (high quality web traffic acquisition, retention, engagement, web conversion or transformation etc.), our digital communications agency exploits all the e-marketing tools/solutions and choose those that are best tailored to your specific need.

360 digital strategy

SEM, SEA, SEO, social media strategy, e-CRM, mobile marketing and other web marketing tools and solutions can create exponential benefits if used in combination and effectively.

For this reason re, we carefully study your brand, your current situation, strategic positioning and orientations to help you in building or enhancing your web presence by setting up a 360 web strategy.

Inbound marketing

With inbound marketing, we strive to trigger interest among customers to push them to come to your website, rather than looking for them with traditional outbound marketing campaigns.

Marketing video

Video is a powerful marketing tool that should be considered in any strategy of web content. Indeed, a large share of Internet users prefer to see captivating videos rather than reading a tiresome long article.

On the other hand, many experts argue that video marketing will start in 2020 to be the future and privileged form of content marketing.

Social media (SMO)

No matter what business you are, be sure that your target audience is present in some of the major social networks. It is now imperative to get a respectable place in the social world to meet your customers and interact with them.

We offers several services:

  • Community management and social marketing strategy.
  • Create your presence on social networks.
  • Develop your community thanks to community management.
  • Animate your community with social media.
  • Engage your fans with contests and mini games on social networks.
  • Pack SMEs - Create a professional Facebook page for your business.
  • Facebook Pack "Full Digital Marketing".
  • Create, optimize and animate a LinkedIn company page.
  • Create a professional YouTube channel for your business.

SEO web

The overwhelming majority of Internet users use the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Instead of typing directly the web address. To attract such users, you have to be well ranked in the results pages of the above-mentioned search engines.

Here are our digital solutions:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO (netlinking)

Content marketing and editorial strategy

Writing original web content is the most efficient digital marketing strategy that has the longest-lasting beneficial effect. Successful web writing strategy helps us:

  • To attract qualified traffic to the website.
  • To increase the web rank. Google knows how to detect and thus well position web content with high added-value.

Paid advertisements and sponsored links (SEM)

Unlike SEO, whose the benefits are generated in the medium to the long term, a PPC or CPM digital campaign is better placed to generate more qualified and immediate visits after starting a business or to support a one-time promotion.

We choose among the billing systems (CPM, PPC / CPC, CPA, etc.) and available platforms those that are most suitable, and then we design your communications campaign to generate traffic and increase your ROI.

  • Google Adwords ads
  • Facebook ads
  • affiliate marketing
  • retargeting or remarketing

Website analysis with Google Analytics and other web analytics tools

We take advantage of web analytics tools that generate detailed and accurate reports to:

Better assess the effectiveness of the different web marketing tools and track the benefits of your digital communications strategy.

Understanding the user and his navigation practices to customize and optimize the web pages and the product offering.

Web audit

We realize a comprehensive audit of your website, your current web marketing strategy and several other variables to finally establish a general health check-up of your online presence, accompanied by a list of recommendations to be implemented.

Direct Marketing and CRM

We implement CRM tools for a good customer relationship management and marketing campaigns in order to retain customers and increase their added value.

  • analytical CRM and data mining
  • mobile marketing
  • email marketing and newsletters
  • loyalty with e-CRM and social CRM

E-Reputation management

It's a good thing to have a presence on the Internet, but it's still not enough, because it's not only you who talks about your brands and products. Indeed, the Web has become democratic and anyone can say as it pleases about your business. For this reason, it is important to monitor what is said about you on the Internet and react accordingly in order to enhance or protect your image.

  • e-reputation : digital identity monitoring
  • e-reputation: influence and press relations 2.0

Finally, the e-Marketing channel opens new avenues for your growth at a reasonable cost. Entrust your project to an expert web marketing digital agency! We will make good use of the above-mentioned eMarketing tools to boost your business online.

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