Our Marketing Research Types

The types of marketing studies are different and complementary. This diversity is due to the problems that arise which are also varied. For this reason, our market research company had acquired these methodologies and surveys, and especially how to use them optimally and adapt them to each specific situation.

Marketing desktop search

Unlike an ad hoc research which is conducted to bring an answer to a specific problem which occurred at a time T, an ad hoc survey uses what already exists to get quickly an idea about the market at reasonable cost, in other words it is a good candidate for exploratory research.

Our market research firm may conduct in some cases such investigations to be well prepared for a major project, or to provide a customer with quick answers to the usual questions about the industry development, the competitors, the size of a market etc.

Quantitative study

Field poll is conducted by surveying a representative sample. Data collection is done with a questionnaire and the objective consists in measuring and identifying the behaviors, opinions, attitudes, appreciations etc. of consumers.

The results can be generalized to the parent population and thus be able to validate/reject the hypotheses generally defined during a preliminary qualitative research.

Qualitative study

Unlike the quantitative studies, we don't attempt to count, but to explore in depth the behaviors, attitudes, motivations, barriers to purchase etc. of consumers by calling on psychology.

A qualitative survey is ideal when it comes to clearly define a subject and specify what to measure.

It can be performed with:

Group Meeting

Some consumers/customers (typically 6 to 10 people) are invited to take part in a collective meeting and answer the questions of the interviewer/moderator.

This method has a major advantage: The exchanges and interactions between participants results in the emergence of new ideas and may trigger a chain reaction.

  • meeting consumer: focus group and mini group
  • delphi method (consultation of an experts group)

Individual face face-to-face interview

Unlike focus groups, face-to-face is addressing sensitive and/or confidential subjects.

  • directive interviews
  • non-directive interview
  • semi-directive interview (more frequent)

To avoid biased results in the case of themes which may embarrass the participants, it is possible to call on a projective method (role-playing game, sentences or stories to be completed, associations of words/images, TAT, Chinese portrait etc.).

Marketing observation

The observation is to monitor clients/consumers behaving spontaneously in natural places (shopping centers, for example). This spontaneity makes the observation an effective marketing research tool and provides enough reliable information.

ad hoc studies and barometer

ad hoc study

It's a custom-made and timely field survey intended to respond to a specific client problem.

Barometer research (tracker)

Field survey conducted at regular intervals to monitor some very specific variables, such as: brand awareness, brand image, brand equity etc.

The same questionnaire and sample are maintained from one study to the next.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request! The AFA market research company will choose from a multitude of solutions, the most effective methodology to meet your needs.

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