Our Surveys and Market Research Studies

The AFA market research company pursues its overall approach in the marketing research field by offering a wide range of field surveys, marketing tests and data collection methodologies. Our aspiration is to respond to all strategic and operational issues that may arise.

The list of market research studies that is currently mastered and ensured by our marketing research firm is not definitive. In fact, we try to enrich it by integrating other marketing researches.

Quantitative and qualitative data collection

We collect all kinds of qualitative and quantitative information, primary and secondary, internal (archive files, databases and old surveys) and external (general or specialized information centers, research offices) by field surveys, polls, observatories, panels, omnibus and barometers.

This data collection task is performed by our marketing research firm for our own needs (eg an ad hoc research commissioned by one of our customers) or on behalf of other polling company under subcontracting.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction surveys

To increase customer value and retention, it's recommended to carry out loyalty and customer satisfaction research in order to:

  • Discover and analyze the sources and satisfaction/dissatisfaction indicators.
  • Determine the proportion of customers who return and/or recommend the product.
  • Quantify the satisfaction / dissatisfaction of clients on the dimensions of the product offering.

To study the variables of customers' satisfaction and loyalty, we offer several solutions:

  • customer satisfaction survey
  • CRM and loyalty study
  • loyalty survey with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicator

Usage and attitudes studies (U & A)

We identify the consumers' behaviors and the attitudes that underlies them to feed the research and development department and be on the lookout for emerging trends and opportunities that can be seized.

Notoriety, image and brand positioning surveys

These researches and studies are designed to know how does the brand/company behave and how it stacks up against the competition, in order to find possible areas for improvement.

Strengthening the brand image always results in improved customer loyalty or even the possibility of increase product prices without negatively impacting sales volume (brand premium).

  • notoriety survey
  • brand image survey and positioning statement review

Strategic marketing studies

A marketing strategy is made for the long term and impacts the entire business life cycle. For this reason, it's recommended to conduct a strategic market research to clarify the way and thus build an effective plan.

  • segmentation study of clientele
  • observation and competitive study

Marketing mix studies

These surveys cover operational marketing and specifically the 4Ps:

  • product Policy
  • pricing policy
  • distribution policy (The 3rd P stands for place)
  • communication policy (the 4th P stands for promotion)

A good marketing mix plan contributes to the success of the business strategy that targets the medium and long term.

Advertising tests and studies to optimize communication

These are surveys that we carry out before and after a communication campaign in order to optimize it prior its launch and to evaluate its impact after its broadcasting.

  • advertising pre-test
  • advertising campaign statement review (advertising post-test)

Marketing studies and tests of the product offering

This type of marketing testing is generally performed upstream of a launch to study the assessments of potential customers vis-à-vis a prototype, and thus measure the success likelihood of the final product.

  • concept test
  • product test
  • packaging test

Price studies

The pursued aim by marketers is to find an optimal price that maximizes revenue and consistently fits into the overall marketing strategy. For this, we suggest surveys to help you find the right price and ultimately improve your pricing strategy.

  • prices test
  • psychological pricing study

Distribution and geomarketing studies

These surveys are intended to optimize your distribution policy by choosing the best distribution modes/channels and implantation places. Such studies also allow us to monitor and study the offer on the outlets (shops, supermarkets etc.).

  • implementation study and catchment area analysis
  • shopper and retail study
  • mystery shopper
  • opportunity and feasibility of online sales study

Web studies

  • website satisfaction survey
  • website audit
  • UGC study and analysis
  • survey with online questionnaire

Human resource studies

Marketing studies are generally oriented to external stakeholders such as customers, competitors, distributors, suppliers etc. However, more and more companies begin to integrate gradually the marketing approach in their HR policy, in order to study the employees' expectations and assessments as well the employer brand.

  • social barometer
  • image employer statement review
  • employee satisfaction survey

Entrust us for your next market research! We will bring you relevant information and operational recommendations. Our goal is to help you make high-stakes strategic marketing decisions and reduce uncertainties and risks.

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