Digital Approach

The creation of a web site or a mobile application must go through a rigorous process and follow a certain methodology, in order to avoid groping in the dark.

Our approach is not static. Indeed, it changes from one project to another according to its specificity, but in general, it follows certain recurring steps.

Please note that we are willing to adapt to your approach if you have one, and be on the same page as your project managers.

We are not stubborn but we keep proposing our ideas and recommendations when we deem it appropriate.

Our web agency can also operate on a "Scrum Agile Development" mode for certain projects when this is more suitable.

Here are the typical steps we go through:

1) Brief between the digital agency and the client

The purpose of this step is the discovery of the project objectives following the discussions with the client and an in-depth study of the context.

2) Thought and generation of ideas

We organize brainstorming sessions and if necessary individual interviews with potential users to define:

  • Target audiences (peronsas) and their expectations (scenarios).
  • The main features and micro-utilities that can be considered to enhance and optimize the user experience.

3) Estimated Plan

Define the budget and designate the necessary human resources to the project.
Conceive the execution schedule.

4) Prototyping (mockup)

  1. Specification of the taxonomy and the website tree.
  2. Zoning in order to define the major blocks.
  3. Conception of storyboards with sketches to map the interactions and features that will be implemented (user flows).
  4. Creation of a mockup website with a prototyping software or Bootstrap CSS framework to translate the storyboards into design.

At this stage, the created prototype is submitted to the customer's validation before starting the production of the web assets. This may result in an iterative process before making a final design.

5) Production of web assets

We start creating icons, images, videos, flash animations etc. which will be incorporated into the website or the mobile application, in accordance to your graphic and color code of your brand.

6) Front-end and back-end development

HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Integration to implement the graphical interface and the necessary interactions, without forgetting to, pay special attention to ergonomics, accessibility, SEO, W3C standards, compatibility and adaptability of application with all media and devices (responsive design).

Server side development with a dynamic language (usually PHP using a framework like Symfony or other) and a database.

The generated resources that may differ from one project to another include:

  • XHTML pages or templates
  • CSS styles
  • JavaScript scripts
  • multimedia resources: icons, images, videos, flash animations etc.
  • source code of the server configuration files
  • database that contains the content of your website optimized for search engines etc.

The content may be cared for by yourself if you wish.

If a CMS is used, we deliver you the customized pack with potentially specific added developments (extensions etc.).

7) Deployment

Once the website is well tested in a production server and the acceptance testing phase is successfully accomplished, we proceed to its final deployment online to make it accessible to everyone.

In case of a mobile application, we promote it in the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store to make it available for download.

8) Training

To enable our customer to be master of his website, comprehensive training is provided to him to learn how to handle the administrator panel and thus be able to manage his web site in a completely autonomous and intuitive way.

9) Maintenance and evolution

We remain available for new missions to evolve your website or maintain it in case of need:

  • You did something wrong in your administration panel.
  • Someone on your team has corrupted the source code and the system has ceased to function naturally.
  • You want to extend the project by adding new features.
  • You look to further optimize the delivered solution (performance, SEO, ergonomics).
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