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AFA Advisory is also a mobile agency that ensures the creation of mobile applications.

Our mobile and digital agency performs all mobile application design work and supports the whole process for you, from the early stages of analysis to deployment, launch and promotion.

Our dedicated team of mobile application development will assist you to create effective mobile apps, and to ensure a strong digital presence to strengthen your bond with the public you are targeting.

We work with customers from all over the world. Distance has never been a barrier for us.

Why a mobile application?

Towards an ubiquitous use of smartphones

The considerable growth of smartphones and tablets is immense; on the other hand, habits and habits change radically. It is therefore imperative to adapt to the new situation by also considering mobile users. Indeed, the mobile world represents a great potential for business creation and value. With this in mind, we play an important role in helping our customers become even more prominent and loved brands. Our expertise is solid and rich, it is a pleasure to convey our ideas to our customers. We believe that our mobile applications underscore our experience and the depth of our ideas.

Advantages not to be missed

The benefits that can be gained are significant, using qualitative mobile applications we can:

  • Increase awareness
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors, especially those who do not invest in mobile, or those with medium quality mobile applications
  • Keep close and constant contact with customers
  • Support a modern, innovative and savvy brand image
  • Building a multi-channel strategy to generate more value
  • Implement geolocalised marketing effectively

Mobile applications as leverage webmarketing

Mobile users are increasingly using mobile applications to get in touch with brands. The forecasts predict that mobile users will soon surpass Internet users, hence the importance of making the mobile channel an integral part of your webmarketing strategy.

Our mobile app creation agency helps startups and leading companies create state-of-the-art apps by focusing on clarity and depth of ideas, opening up new approaches to accelerate branding, pamper communities and Boost return on investment.

Our mobile developers are our heritage. They know how to fully exploit their technical and artistic skills to produce mobile applications that are well suited to ambitious companies and brands that want to be distinguished.

We produce great technical solutions for small screens, creating intimate and personalized visual stories that push users to behave with more interest and interaction.

A solid mobile marketing strategy

A carefully considered mobile strategy that prioritizes the user experience can increase customer satisfaction and generate impressive revenues for your business.

As a specialized mobile and web agency, we are very involved in initiating and guiding brands, products and services in the mobile digital world, using first-class strategy and strong differentiated ideas during (Storyboard, graphic design, ergonomics, interactivity, digital accessibility and user experience), development, launch and promotion of your iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile app.

Aside from the creation of mobile applications, one can also consider webmarketing levers and highly reputed tools in the mobile world such as SMS, MMS, flashcodes, M-advertising and even M-commerce for companies that practically E-commerce.

Mobile multi-platform expertise iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

Our understanding of iOS, Android, Windows Mobile as well as web-based technology allows us to bring a great level of expertise to your business. We know how to build products that fit your needs perfectly, regardless of your industry and future users of your mobile site or smartphone app.

Whatever the possible OS, you can call on our cross-platform expertise:

  • IOS (iPhone / iPad)
  • Android (Samsung, HTC, Sony Xperia, Google Pixel, LG, Nexus etc.)
  • Windows Mobile (Microsoft Lumia, Nokia Lumia etc.)
  • Tizen (new open source mobile operating system from Intel and Samsung collaboration)
  • Firefox OS
  • Ubuntu Mobile

Do not let your competitors get ahead, call our agency now and be assured of a fluid, aesthetically catchy, useful and reliable mobile app that will come out of the thousands of competing mobile applications.

Your application will not be abandoned by the mobile user, despite the large number of applications downloaded today, on the contrary, it will end up on the homepage of the phone and will be used on a regular basis.

Development of native, hybrid and web mobile applications

We create mobile native, hybrid or web applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. There are choices to be made upstream to optimize the final solution. In order to design a mobile app, we first study your audience's expectations and your intended objectives, and then choose the appropriate platforms and types of developments to meet your expectations and your expectations. Customers.

We propose three types of mobile applications to our clients according to the objectives that the application is supposed to fulfill, its degree of complexity and any constraints (budget, delay, technical requirements etc.).

Native mobile applications

A native mobile application is simply a "software" downloadable generally from the App Store, Google Play and Marketplace platforms, and installable respectively on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

To have an app on all smartphones, you have to create as many applications as there are targeted platforms, which translates into additional time and budget.

Advantages of native mobile applications

They are able to use all the functions and physical resources (GPS, camera etc.) of the smartphone and do not need an internet access to operate except to retrieve data stored at a remote server.

Mobile applications are generally faster, because they interact directly with smartphones without intermediaries, except of course the operating system (Android, iOS or Windows Mobile) which constitutes the interface between the applications and the mobile device.

We employ a variety of specialists in mobile application development. They write native code for iOS (Objective-C or Swift), Android (Java) and Windows Mobile (C #), allowing users to get the best performance and functionality they expect from their tablet devices or smartphones.

Our expertise allows us to optimize choices, what to use and when. We know the programming languages ​​and technologies used for each operating system.

We integrate proven and proven practices into our design cycles to produce high-performance, maintainable, scalable, reliable and bug-free applications.

Disadvantages of native mobile applications

Creating a native mobile application is generally more costly than other types of mobile apps because it requires a complex development that requires knowledge of the specificities of each platform chosen.

A native mobile application can only work on the selected operating system (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).

For a total presence, it is necessary to create as many applications as there are platforms, which can lead to enormous costs of development and evolutionary and corrective maintenance.

Mobile web applications or webapplications (webapp)

A web application is nothing more than a web site created with adaptive design for different resolutions including small screens. So, of course, you can also access this kind of sites called "Responsive Design" from a browser installed on a smartphone.

Mobile web applications are developed mainly from traditional web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 (including media queries), a CSS framework (Bootstrap, Foundation etc.), external APIs (Google Maps etc.), and many others .

Advantages of mobile web applications

These are websites at the base, so they can be used on all platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Phone, etc.) from a web browser.

Their development takes much less time than native mobile applications because the web technologies used are generally less complex than native languages ​​(JAVA, Objectice-C, etc.).

Disadvantages of mobile web applications

The major disadvantages can be summarized in three elements:

Lack of ergonomics, in fact, the end user interacts with the features and widgets provided by the browser and therefore does not benefit to the maximum from what is offered by the operating system.

Slowness compared to native applications that is generally due to poor memory management.

Restricted access to the physical resources of the smartphone, because the JavaScript and HTML5 directives offer an interface limited to the hardware of the smartphone or tablet.

Hybrid mobile applications

They are certainly the applications that make the best compromise between quality, cost and delay. They represent a sort of fusion between mobile web applications and native applications.

The principle is simple, it consists of combining HTML5 elements in the form of webapplication and elements of the native application, using a tool or framework like Phonegap / Cordova, Ionic, jQuery Mobile etc.

These "hybrid" mobile apps can also be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play platforms.

Benefits of Hybrid Mobile Applications

Benefits include:

The ability to use phone features.

Cross-platform support (these apps can run on Android and iOS for example).

Functionally offline internet.

If you have budgetary constraints or if you are caught up in time, these kinds of solutions is a very good alternative to consider.

Disadvantages of hybrid mobile applications

The ergonomics even satisfactory, can not equal those of the native applications. Similarly, performance, speed, and response and treatment times are slightly lower.

AFA mobile agency treats each situation in a differentiated way and chooses the appropriate solutions taking into consideration your needs and constraints. We take into account design, development, publishing, maintenance and support.

The strengths of our mobile sites and smartphone applications

Analysis of the Deep Problem

To produce the best solution, we introduce ourselves deeply into the heart of your problem. Indeed, our project managers carefully analyze your needs and design the application that best meets your business objectives.

User Experience (UX) pleasant

Our UX designers live and breathe mobile applications, with a fantastic knowledge of what works and what does not. It is no surprise that we can design a mobile application from A to Z, both without bugs and with a pleasant and intuitive interface.

We offer a unified customer experience that is tailored to your unique needs, opening up new revenue streams for your products, services and content. We have created great value for customers by opening the mobile as a legitimate channel for making money.

All our applications are carefully carried out. Our designers, rather our mobile artists make sure that every mobile user feels comfortable with the interface and features offered to maximize the user experience.

Evolution of your application

A successful application will develop continuously, with the addition of new features, the implementation of modifying iterations and the proposal of regular updates.

We deliberately offer flexible and easily scalable mobile applications to ensure a long cycle of profitability and optimize the costs associated with scalable maintenance.

Mobile app analysis

The mobile analysis consists in dissecting and evaluating the data produced by the mobile platforms and those collected during the use of the applications by the mobile users.

We know that this type of analysis is essential to track the overall performance of a mobile application and for this reason we provide our customers with statistics and conclusions related to the use and users of the mobile application. 'application. This information can be exploited to improve the mobile app and manage its lifecycle.

Our intuitive reports will allow you to track, evaluate, and discover how your customers interact with your mobile apps and mobile sites, to further enhance your digital marketing efforts, enhance the user experience, and also engage / retain more Customers.

Content Management

Thanks to our agency and our seasoned editors, you do not have to worry about keeping your content up-to-date. Our editorial team can regularly feed your mobile applications or mobile sites, always bringing new content to your target audiences and ensuring constant consultation and use of your application.

Expert mobile developers

Our mobile team is an award-winning group of innovative designers and developers who know no limits or disabilities. They have proven expertise in the conceptualization, development, maintenance and promotion of mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.

They produce differentiated, robust, reliable, high-performance, ergonomic, intuitive, scalable, easily maintainable solutions and, of course, meet the needs of all parties concerned (client, Internet users, mobile users, third-party applications and web services).

Successful launch of your mobile app

You can manage your project throughout its lifecycle, including the launch that represents a key phase.

Hundreds of applications appear every day in online downloading platforms, for it is necessary to stand out and stand out to be a part in this hostile world.

Among the actions that can be proposed to you:

Put in place a pre-launch campaign in the form of teasing or with a countdown announcing the official release of the application.

Mobilize your current tools for fast and free advertising (sites, social pages, print tools, etc.).

Manage your press relations and public relations, get in touch and collaborate with bloggers, journalists and influential prescribers.

Make a place in application directories and specialized search engines.

Thanks to our launch actions, you will obtain faster approvals in the application stores (stores) and satisfactory immediate downloads.

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