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Outsource website design to our offshore web development company based in Morocco - Casablanca

AFA is also a digital agency that specializes in website design, custom web development and website maintenance services of all types:

  • Showcase website (also called brochure website)
  • Dynamic website
  • Ecommerce website (also called online store website or merchant website)
  • Institutional or corporate website
  • CMS website
  • Flash website
  • Editorial website
  • Blog site (specifically a WordPress website)
  • Mobile website
  • Etc.

We are based in Casablanca and we work for clients in Morocco, however if you run a mobile and digital web agency which specializes in website design and maintenance, custom web development and mobile app design, you can entrust us a part of your production. Indeed, we work with leaders internationally, including France. Our offshore web agency provides them with the required skills to increase their production force while controlling costs.

Outsource web design and web development to our offshore company and focus on you core business!

AFA web developers are very savvy in designing websites. Indeed, they are well equipped and master a whole range of solutions:

  • CMS and CMF: Drupal, Joomla etc.
  • Blog sites: typically WordPress websites
  • Ecommerce platforms: Magento, Prestashop, etc.
  • Custom web development

Our mission is to accompany you in the web world which is very complex during all the phases including generating creative ideas, choice of the appropriate tools and technologies, web design, deployment, maintenance and obviously increasing traffic with digital marketing campaign.

AFA Web is your privileged digital partner. We offer you an excellent service for an unbeatable value for money.

Why create a website?

Why create a website?


Marketing your business on line using a website does not cost much unlike other traditional tools of communication such as TV or Radio spots. In addition, a website is a durable tool that provides ongoing advertising.

For these reasons, a website is a precious channel to privilege when it comes to publishing your offers, products, promotions, events, photos, press releases etc. easily without paying a penny.

With a website, it is also possible to dematerialize a stock, a thorny process (payment, reservation, etc.).

Many costs can be saved with an online platform. Be homo economicus and think profitability!

Guaranteed 24/7 availability

Your website as well as your social accounts are constantly accessible 24/7/365. This becomes significantly more important for e-commerce sites that incorporate online shopping features.

Practicality and convenience

Nothing is more practical than going to a website, searching between the available types of pizza and comparing prices, then placing an order to get delivered. In the absence of a website, you have to go out and look for where to park and then enter the store in order to get a pizza or in the best situations, call by phone, start a long and tedious discussion if by chance the phone is not busy.

You can offer your customers several online services such as technical support, FAQ, booking systems, interactive catalogs with detailed product information such as price, availability in stock or even available designs/colors, current promotions etc.

Make life easy for your customers and pamper them! They will repay you.

Professional website = more credibility

All other things being equal, an entity (company or organization) without a website is less credible. This feeling has become more important in the digital era when everything was democratized and became cheaper. More and more family entities, small structures and even private individuals are making their way into the digital world.

In a website, you can include your address, access plan, team, contact details, professional email address (, testimonials, partners, client references, an online support service etc.

An important point to keep in mind! It is necessary to create a real professional website with a real domain name, not a small web page integrated into a free platform and accessible with a simple subdomain.

Protecting your customer portfolio

Logic dictates that if you want to preserve your customers you should not be absent in the places they frequent often, otherwise your competitors can be present and therefore steal customers from you.

Imagine a supermarket where you are absent all the time, while the others regularly make commercial animations and offer promotions. This situation will make you lose your customers and it is exactly the same principle in the world of the Web.

Acquisition of new customers

By the same reasoning, go on line to conquer new markets and steal customers from your competitors.

E-reputation management

If you don't go on line to talk about what your brand promises, someone else will take your place and say as it sees fit, but not necessarily what fits with your image and strategic positioning. In this case, you will find yourself in an uncontrollable situation that can seriously damage your entity.

It is high time to affirm your internet presence. Get in touch with your audience to educate and influence them.

Sales and turnover

By the beginning of 2017, the number of internet users had already exceeded 3.5 billion, and the overwhelming majority had already used a website to:

  • Find access plans and contact companies.
  • Search for information about a product, service, brand or offer.
  • Compare prices and testimonials/customer reviews.
  • Make purchases.

In short, consumers navigate the Web for information and ultimately make decisions. It is therefore necessary to meet them on the Internet during the various phases of their purchasing process.

The Web presents a very high potential of turnover and customers to acquire, if you are absent, you will miss a big piece of the pie.

Creating a website: the steps of our process

Like any other project, designing a website must follow a rigorous methodology to have a final product that fits the requirements and meets the objectives fixed in advance.

Create a website: methodology and steps

Very briefly, we begin a first preparatory stage of analysis and briefing, then we proceed to the website design and finally we finish with the online deployment, however you are guaranteed a lasting support for any updates or website maintenance services, or even to implement your digital marketing strategy.

Preliminary study

Together we narrow down several variables:

  • Environment
  • Competitors
  • Product-market couple
  • Target audiences
  • Main audience: customers and future users of your site
  • Some websites you want to use as a source of inspiration
  • Themes and formats of the content you want to put on line
  • Goals
  • ...

Our goal is to design a website according to a context, and therefore for each situation we create a customized solution, no fixed sites, we firmly believe that every customer is unique!

Website design

This is the creation phase of the website itself. This stage is also broken down into several sub-phases that allow proceeding with an incremental approach for an efficient work and a solid approach.

It is during this stage that we spend most of the time, and we involve the greatest number of people (web developers, web designers, web project managers, web integrators, graphic designers ...).

Following several agency/client design meetings and several internal briefing sessions, we draw up the action plan:

  • We define the functional and technical specifications.
  • We select the list of tools to be used.
  • We designate who will be involved.
  • We draw up a detailed scope statement with a provisional schedule to be followed.
  • Finally, we start designing the website.

Building the website mockup/wireframe/prototype

The objective of this step is designing a functional mockup which is fairly faithful to your expected website that we submit for your approval.

Web design: building the website mockup/wireframe/prototype

Don't make life more complicated with different names: sketches, mockups, wireframes or prototypes. The main objective for us is to give you a fairly accurate version of the final result without committing a lot of work like web assets production or the final HTML/CSS/JS integration.

We are just looking for your approval to move on to the next steps.

Now that we have well studied the project and clearly defined the objectives, we start prototyping:

  • Design the backbone of the various web pages and modules.
  • Schematize the website and the core blocks like the sidebards, the menu, the footer …
  • Define types of content to be produced and necessary multimedia resources.
  • Specify navigation scenarios and major features.
  • Place important elements such as logo and call-to-actions links.

HTML/CSS/JavaScript integration

This step consists in transforming the validated mockup into a code that can be interpreted by browsers, namely HTML for structuring blocks and contents, CSS for formatting and JavaScript for interactivity.

Web development and HTML/CSS/JavaScript integration

Depending on the complexity of your needs, we use solutions ranging from CMS to advanced frameworks, and including intermediate technologies and tools such as CMF and specific open source web applications.

Several important elements are considered such as responsive web design (RWD), cross-browser compatibility, performance, security, ergonomics, scalability, maintainability, etc.

Custom web development

In many cases, we are obliged to design modules, plugins and functionalities from scratch in order to meet a very specific need, but generally, we avoid reinventing the wheel to control costs and deadlines.

Launching the website (tests, upload and deployment)

FAT: Factory Acceptance Test (before delivery)

The development process has been completed, the website is totally finalized from a design perspective, it is time to run a series of automated and/or manual checks and tests to ensure that the final product is functioning correctly and conforms with the functional and technical specifications defined upstream.

To do this, we try out the website in different environments (browsers, resolutions, PCs/laptops/tablets etc.) and we fix issues if necessary.

SAT: Site Acceptance Test (after delivery)

It is your turn to make checks in order to judge for yourself whether the website corresponds to what was agreed at the start during the initial brief. If you encounter bugs or issues, just let us know to correct them.

Online deployment

We put your website on line in a production server. We choose the most suitable infrastructure and environment for reliable and consistent availability of your site.

We handle all types of web hosting:

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual private servers (VPS)
  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud servers
  • Windows and Linux servers (Centos, Ubuntu, Debian etc.)


  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java (Sun/Oracle)
  • ASP .NET (Microsoft)
  • JavaScript (Node)
  • Etc.

We have good experience in web server administration. Your website will be hosted in a relevant, secure and efficient environment.

Follow-up and support

We remain at your disposal for any other request. We offer several complementary offers such as:

  • Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) so that you can generate your first visits.
  • Taking charge of corrective and scalable maintenance of your website.
  • Setting up a schedule for publishing articles and multimedia content.
  • Etc.

Creating websites of all types

No matter what it is your need or the type of the website you plan to deploy on line, do not hesitate to contact us, we create all kinds of sites ranging from simple showcase website to complex e-commerce websites.

CMF/CMS website

Open source CMS and CMF like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla run millions of websites. They are mature and meet the majority of usual needs.

We manage your CMF or CMS site from A to Z, from the design phase to the delivery of your finalized website:

  • Installing the platform.
  • Setting up and configuring required functionalities.
  • Performing some custom developments if needed (plugins etc.).
  • Customizing a pre-designed template or creating a template from scratch.
  • Deploying the website in a production server.

In the end, you will have your website on line and, the icing on the cake, you will become totally the owner of your site and have total control over its administration. You will be able to manage it autonomously without having to call us whenever you plan to add an article or modify an image.

To make changes, simply log in to your very intuitive administration panel and start configuring everything you can imagine without touching virtually any line of code.

If needed, we may schedule some training sessions so that you have an overall view of the back office usage and configuration.

Ecommerce website (also known as online store website or merchant website)

If you have a sales business whether it is B2C or B2B, it is very interesting to allow your customers to make online purchases.

The advantages are undeniable:

  • Presence on a new distribution channel and access to new local, national and even international markets.
  • Service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Reduction of certain administrative costs.
  • Possibility to dematerialize the stock or reduce it: customers identify products on line and place orders.
  • Improvement of brand awareness and brand image.

We guarantee you an online store which is user-friendly and faithful to your brand image.

We generally work with free, open source, powerful, flexible, scalable, modular, feature-rich, ergonomic and easy-to-use e-commerce solutions for both back office (administrators) and front office (clients) operations.

Among the e-commerce platforms, we often consider:

  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Sylius
  • Custom ecommerce development

We analyze your needs carefully to choose the most appropriate solution from the alternatives mentioned above, then we start designing an ecommerce website with an engaging, ergonomic and interactive design offering a pleasant user experience.

The ecommerce platform to be installed and exploited will be fully customized to meet your expectations and your customers' tastes. You will have at the end your online store with all the modules and features you will need such as online payment, customers' accounts, online catalog, online shopping cart, back office or administration panel in order to manage your e-commerce site etc.

We also offer post-launch services such as training, providing secure and optimized web hosting, adding new modules and features to your online store, setting up digital marketing campaigns in order to bring more convertible traffic (SEO, SMO, SEA/SEM).

Consider the idea of having your own merchant site! Boost your sales by taking advantage of the great potential of Web!

Showcase website (also called brochure website)

You are a craft business, a family company, a merchant or an artisan, you can also have your own interactive, comprehensive and detailed internet business card.

Showcase website

It is very common that a potential customer who knows the name of your entity or the name of one of your brands, uses the Internet to do research, if he does not find your site, he will get a bad impression.

A showcase website allows you to present your entity in a summary and global way:

  • Activities
  • Products, services, ranges and brands
  • Staff
  • Philosophy, values, vision and mission
  • History, key figures and achievements
  • Contact information: address, access map, phone numbers, emails, etc.

Make your virtual business card available on line and gain more credibility and visibility. Present yourself or your company in order to emphasize your qualities and advantages.

Corporate website

It can be assimilated to a showcase website because it is also intended to inform and not sell. Nevertheless, an institutional website requires more work and more specialized skills in writing and web design.

The aim is simple and consists in making all the relevant information available to all stakeholders:

  • Potential investors need summarized statements (balance sheet, income statement, etc.).
  • Candidates need to consult current job recruitment offers, HR policy and how to apply.
  • Journalists expect you to post press releases on line.
  • Future partners (suppliers or B2B customers) need to have more information about your products and activities.
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, as well as some influential people want to know the reasons you are advocating besides the creation of financial wealth.

Thanks to a corporate website, you enhance your brand image towards stakeholders, and you control your reputation on the Internet.

Entrust your institutional website to us!

  • We build a design that conveys your values.
  • We specify your editorial line.
  • We write your articles neatly and we even call on specialists in your field when needed.
  • We also produce good quality multimedia content such as images and videos.

In the end, you will have a corporate site that resembles you, that interests your target audience, that convinces your visitors, and to summarize, a website that allows you to develop and strengthen your brand image.

Editorial website

An editorial website is nothing but a site optimized for publishing rich content on a regular basis.

These websites have specific features to:

  • Allow authors and administrators to publish articles with WYSIWYG editors, organize content according to a certain taxonomy, customize the website appearance, moderate comments, manage the newsletter etc.
  • Make it easier for visitors to read the published contents through an intuitive navigation system (search, breadcrumb, categories, tags etc.), and also have the possibility to interact with the website by posting comments, sharing articles in social networks and even contributing to posting activities.

Editorial websites are usually designed with CMS/CMF tools such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. They are supposed to be huge (tens or even hundreds of articles) and continuously updated. The goal is to produce constantly enticing content.

Our web design and website development company gives you a tailor-made solution with complete ownership and full control for great autonomy. You will manage your posting activities yourself as you want in order to improve your SEO and to highlight your expertise in the domains where you intervene.

Flash website

Although we do not often design Flash sites, we may do so at the request of our customers, especially to meet some specific needs.

Flash technology can be justified in certain situations where one seeks to achieve:

  • Complex effects and animations for a shifted user experience
  • Flash games
  • Advanced interactions with the computer (camera, sound, etc.)

Designing a website in Flash is an idea that needs to be studied in depth and further explored because of Flash disadvantages.

It's a good idea to design the bulk of the website in HTML and use Flash technology for some parts that require a lot of interactivity like:

  • A home animation
  • An interactive slider
  • A digital catalog to be flipped with the mouse
  • A map or animated plan
  • A software or product demonstration
  • Interactive advertising banners
  • A 3D animation of a complex object
  • An interactive feature that allows you to configure an online product before you purchase it
  • Etc.

We have talents in computer graphics, web design and ActionScript to create the Flash websites and effects you dream of while paying attention to ergonomics and SEO.

Why our digital agency?

We offer you several advantages that make us a preferred candidate to design your website.

Well-equipped web team

We manage a wide range of web tools, CMS, CMF and e-commerce platforms, as well as several different languages and frameworks to make custom development.

Special offer "cheap website design company"

AFA digital agency has special affordable web design services designed to allow SMEs, microbusinesses and artisans to have a professional cheap website with irreproachable quality.

We guarantee you a good value for money!

Complete web services

We design websites from A to Z with custom development or by exploiting open source technologies and tools. We also resume existing projects in order to maintain them (enhancing security, migration, optimization, fixing bugs) or to redesign them by providing updates or adding some features.

Ergonomics and accessibility

We take care of your website's ergonomics by improving its utility and usability. Our approach is to implement the best features and make the site user-friendly and easy-to-use in order to enhance the user experience.

Cross-browser compatibility

We strive to deliver you a website that works correctly and that is displayed in the same way in all the major browsers namely Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

All your audience will be satisfied with a pleasant and consistent user experience.

Mobile website or responsive website (cross-device compatibility)

We integrate the "Mobile First Design" approach in our methodology to generate a mobile site that fits the various devices and resolutions, namely tablets, mobiles/smartphones and desktops.

Online marketing

AFA is also a digital marketing agency. For this reason, your site will be strategically designed taking into account many variables such as SEO, integration of social widgets, website optimization for better conversion, etc.

Of course, it is just upstream actions, but if you want to gain more visibility, we can offer you more online campaigns to reach your expected figures.

It is useless to be present on the Internet if nobody comes to visit your website.

Tailor-made website

We do not have fixed solutions. Certainly, we standardize our working methods over time for better performance, but we do not end up creating reproduction moulds. Each client is unique, he has his own values, history, convictions, target audiences, personal touch, so we bring out all these facts with a website that resembles you.

Long-term support

We accompany you during all the phases from generating ideas until setting up your website, and it does not end here, our will is to maintain a long-lasting win-win relationship.

There are several areas where we can support you:

  • Digital marketing
  • Website maintenance services
  • Adding new features to the initial website
  • Publishing original content
  • Designing related applications (mobile sites, mobile applications, social applications, video games and advergames, etc.)
  • Web audit
  • CRM, direct marketing and automation
  • Online reputation management
  • ...
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