Sales Promotion and Field Marketing Agency

AFA agency sales promotion, sales promotion and field marketing, has built a proven experience of how to approach the act of purchasing and understanding the customer journey.

Following a preliminary meeting with the customer, we design a solid differentiated concept, and we work the different points of contact between your brand and your potential consumers.

Throughout the cycle of a marketing campaign, field marketing or sales promotion, we put in place effective tools to achieve a serious, supervised and measured performance.

Our concern is to make as much as possible of your budget allocated to commercial animation and all kinds of marketing actions on the ground.

Why commercial animation, sales promotion and field marketing?

There are a number of ways in which advertising can be carried out, including mass communication through traditional media, which allows access to a large number of potential customers. However, the aim is not only to convey a message but to influence , Hence the need to get closer to customers and add a dimension of human contact for more conversion.

The situation has changed radically for several years. Companies are increasingly looking for new customers on the ground to exchange, interact and mark the spirit. With this in mind, we believe that out-of-store and in-store commercial animation, field marketing and sales promotion are the best candidates to fortify and maintain an affective relationship with the consumer and generate immediate sales or In the very short term with a decent budget.

In-store and out-store commercial animation, sales promotion and field marketing are very effective tactics when it comes to impacting consumers and creating a strong brand attachment. These actions are characterized by proximity, human contact and meeting customers in well-targeted and high-potential areas, such as supermarkets where customers are generally in advanced stages of the purchasing process, This is a real opportunity to influence and realize immediate orders, thanks to commercial animation, demonstration and advice.

Promotional marketing, commercial animation and field marketing out-store and in-store allow for:

  • Recruiting new clients;
  • Build customer loyalty;
  • Capture attention and generate interest in promoting brand awareness and brand image;
  • Ensure a successful launch of new products.

AFA commercial animation agency

AFA brand activation agency recommends commercial animation and supports your brand activation projects from A to Z.

We analyze your traffic and sales targets, and we go on to select the right profiles.

We create and train suitable teams to increase your sales and to impress your future customers.

Our commercial animation tactics can be very useful in the following cases:

  • Generate large and immediate traffic: mobilize different levers and marketing tools to attract more customers;
  • Welcoming consumers;
  • Popularize / value your products through controlled demonstrations;
  • Practicing sales advice and suggesting solutions tailored to the needs of consumers;
  • Addressing the public in a differentiated way and with appropriate arguments to justify the added value of your brands / products;
  • Marking the spirit for a lasting impact;
  • Generate immediate sales.

We treat every commercial animation campaign in an original and differentiated way.

We offer all kinds of brand activation devices:

  • Demonstration;
  • advice ;
  • Sale on hangers;
  • Tasting;
  • Sampling;
  • Couponing.

AFA non-media communications agency operates in several distribution channels and ensures efficient installation and execution of commercial entertainment devices. Our goal is to grow your brand in the foreground.

Our areas of intervention:

Switchboards: GMS, GSS, GSA and GSB
Animated places in supermarkets: rays, central aisles, islets and heads of gondola (TG).

Our expertise covers the majority of the fields of activity such as food, health-beauty products, high-tech, PGC products, telecom, financial services etc.

We offer a turnkey operational service:

  • recruitment ;
  • Training;
  • Control;
  • Logistics and POS;
  • Management of the relationship with other intermediary providers;
  • Real-time reporting and synthesis.

AFA sales promotion agency

AFA promotional marketing agency advises you in your strategy and ensures the efficient and rigorous implementation of your promotional devices.

We have original ideas! Give us your next sales campaign for more convincing results.

Among a vast choice, one conceives the most appropriate promotional device and one ensures its concretization on the ground:

  • quizzes ;
  • Free trials;
  • Tasting;
  • Sampling (distribution of free samples);
  • Demonstration;
  • Premiums;
  • Reductions;
  • De-stocking.

AFA field marketing agency

The ground is a good place to approach its customers, it must be present to not leave the place empty to competitors.

AFA non-media communications agency boosts and strengthens your brand in places frequented by your customers in order to improve your reputation and brand and also generate additional direct sales and almost immediate.

Concentrate on your core business and entrust us with the rest! We take care of everything :

  • Brief: defining your needs and expected objectives;
  • Recruitment and training of field workers (facilitators, distributors, sellers, hosts / hostesses, managers
  • Operational, etc.);
  • Constant and rigorous control;
  • Reporting.

Among the actions that can be proposed to you:

  • Street marketing;
  • Guerilla marketing;
  • Road show (promotional tour);
  • Networks;
  • Asylum package;
  • Events;
  • Distribution of flyers and samples.

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