In Store and Out Store Sales Promotion and Management

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AFA agency of commercial animation in-store and out-store accompanies you in your quest of activation of brands and dynamization of sales.

Our attention to detail, the quality of our services and the level of accomplishment of your objectives make us a trusted partner.

What is commercial animation?

Commercial animation is nothing more than promotional and commercial operations aimed at recruiting new consumers; to win the loyalty of customers ; Convey commercial and non-commercial messages and many others ...

This kind of commercial activities usually takes place on busy days (weekends and public holidays) and in places where there is a lot of traffic such as department stores, beaches, etc. In other words, it targets large gatherings by choosing the appropriate time and place.

Difference between commercial animation out-store and in-store

The commercial animation in-store can be materialized by highlighting a brand with possibly a theatricalization, sampling, testing, tasting, advice or demonstration in department stores and popular signs.

The out-store animation takes place outside the sales outlets and can take many forms such as traditional flyering campaigns, road shows, street sampling, street marketing, etc.

Why make commercial animation?

Commercial animation meets both commercial and marketing objectives:

  • Snatch customers from the competition;
  • Create a more intimate relationship between the brand and the consumer;
  • Build customer loyalty;
  • Boost sales in the short to medium term;
  • Publicize a product and explain how it is used;
  • Support the launch of a new product;
  • Create preference for the brand;
  • Increase brand awareness and / or enhance brand image;
  • Information.

Commercial animation is thus an indispensable tool for any company, however it is more or less difficult to set up commercial campaigns, especially if they are characterized by a large scale. To this end, marketing decision-makers and sales managers tend to entrust such marketing projects to specialized commercial animation agencies that support the entire chain.

Commercial animation in-store

AFA, an in-store commercial animation agency, operates at various points of sale (department stores, retailers, shopping malls, etc.) to ensure maximum visibility for your brands and to make them stand out from those of your competitors. Innovative and impactful marketing campaigns.

We analyze the point of sale (store, supermarket, shopping mall, etc.) and above all the route that leads the shopper to the act of purchase, to pave it with tools and actions of visibility, animation and Promotion.

The shopper challenged at favorable times and at strategic locations can be influenced and will eventually buy your products instead of those of your competitors.

Complete range of commercial events

Sale on hooks or with promotional sale to boost sales or destocking product.

Demonstration to explain how to use your products and also to bring out their usefulness and value compared to competing products.

Tasting to provide an opportunity for shoppers who have never dared to buy your products to taste it.

Sampling (sampling), it is to graciously offer a quantity of product less than the usual sales unit, to allow people to test and possibly become consumers of the product.

Couponing (coupons).

Highlighting and dramatizing the point of sale for the consumer dive into your brand universe.

Large in-store marketing expertise

Our expertise extends from food, to computer products, IT and telecom, health products, beauty, luxury, PGC and financial products.

A turnkey in-store marketing service

  • Recruitment of the different profiles of commercial animation taking into account their skills and experience in the sector of activity concerned;
  • Training and briefing on promotional mechanics, products to be animated, etc. ;
  • Logistics assured of the animation equipment (POS, goodies etc);
  • Management of point-of-sale advertising (installation and assembly of stands, paper / printed POS, multimedia POS, touch screens, etc.);
  • Real-time reporting with our in-house developed application.

Animated points of sale

We realized in-store commercial animations in all kinds of outlets and types of shops:

  • GMS: Large and Medium Surface;
  • GSS: Large Specialized Surface;
  • GSA: Large Food Surface;
  • GSB: Large DIY surface.

The possible activation zones

  • Ray ;
  • central aisle ;
  • small island ;
  • TG (head of gondola);
  • mall.

Commercial animation out-store

AFA out-store commercial animation agency shares in the encounter and conquest of your customers in their gathering places with well-studied field marketing actions.

Your brand gains a lot of visibility, and your sales are boosted quickly thanks to punctual and thoughtful operational marketing actions.

With proven experience, we were able to set up a collective well-established in commercial animation.

We propose very effective strategies for animation and marketing out-store, well optimized for the achievement of your targets, while taking into consideration your constraints.

Our out-store commercial animation campaigns

AFA field marketing agency out-store offers turnkey services, differentiated and responding to the various issues of commercial development.

Street Marketing

Street Marketing is the marketing or promotion of products or services in an unconventional way in public places.

Street Marketing strives to use original forms of communication and differentiated and innovative display techniques to attract people's attention.

AFA Street Marketing agency will choose great places, select the appropriate profile and forge a new and original concept. Your target will be touched and his mind will be marked.

We operate in city centers, campuses, business centers, large shopping centers, beaches, sports resorts, cinemas, holiday resorts, camping, monuments, etc.

Road Show

It is a promotional tour in B to C or B to B aimed at highlighting and animated an important event such as a product launch, a great promotion and so on.

Street sampling and distribution of flyers

Traveling on the street makes it possible to reach specific targets for handing them samples.

Signage networks, centers and specialty stores

AFA can forge partnerships with networks of stores, centers and specialized stores to take advantage of their traffic and expose it to your brands, events, promotions and advertising campaigns.

Examples of areas of intervention include: Fashion signs, ready-to-wear signs, fitness centers, flower shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants etc.

Why entrust us with your marketing campaign?

Our operational marketing agency has the following advantages:

  • An operational and dynamic team;
  • A rich range of animators with sharp profiles (speakers, advisors, sales people, hosts / hostesses, technical profiles, etc.);
  • On-going training for stakeholders;
  • Immediate reactivity;
  • Well-selected partners;
  • An equipped training room;
  • A constant and rigorous control by telephone, emails, SMS, visits etc. ;
  • Regular debriefing sessions;
  • Good knowledge of distribution channels;
  • National geographic coverage;
  • Effective management of POS (transport, installation and dismantling);
  • Impactful dramatization;
  • A graphic studio and web agency to add a web and / or multimedia touch to your animations;
  • Comprehensive reporting in real time;
  • Operational recommendations.

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