Graphic Design and Print Solutions

The visual communications agency AFA brings thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise in graphic design and digital/offset printing a comprehensive and coherent response to all print and web communication issues.

The visual communication is your ally to create and maintain close and permanent contact with your clients and more generally to stay in touch with all your audiences. Graphic design coupled with print creates masterpieces that can bring out the beauty of your brand, and elevate it to the rank you hope.

What are your goals?

  • Identify yourself and present yourself to your audiences: customers, partners, suppliers ...
  • Provide your business with the right communication tools to better present your products.
  • Emphasize your values and affirm your character in order to reinforce your brand image and positioning.
  • Leave a lasting impression that sticks in the clients mind.
  • Prepare effective advertising tools for marketing actions.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Conceive an idea with graphic design.
  • Materialize a graphic conception by printing it on a paper.
  • Create the prototype of your product.

Our graphic studio will accompany you to meet effectively similar needs, whatever your industry.

Our offer is as varied as wide and we put all our print and graphic production expertise to work for you. Our aim is to make dream your brand with a flexible and personalized service.

Desktop-publishing and graphic design

Graphic design is the starting point of each strong concept. We combine advanced technology with unbridled creativity to fully express your ideas by computer graphics.

Logo conception and graphic design

The logo is the emblem of your business, while the graphic charter is the central thread that shapes your visual identity. Both are extremely important, that is why it's imperative to work them flawlessly.

Most graphic designers and web designers remain limited to the purely aesthetic aspect, but the whole issue consists in choosing a correct graphical universe and reflecting the promise of the company and its values with a unique and recognizable concept.


If you want to further enrich your visual communication and make use of interactive formats, we offer:

  • Video editing to create your advertisements or video reportage (corporate videos, documentaries, video report).
  • 3D modeling to develop models, prototypes (e.g. booth) or complex presentations.
  • Flash animation to design your dynamic web banner.
  • Motion design to achieve interactive advertising.

Digital and offset printing

We have established close partnerships with several printers, each with his own expertise. This allows us to supervise efficiently the printing work by choosing the most suitable printer and receive certain benefits related to price, payment and printing schedule.

We provide you with valuable advice and direct you to the media, formats and printing processes that are optimized for your needs.

Your message or idea will be achieved optimally to engrave a positive and lasting impression in your clients mind.

Print communication tools

We design your different advertising tools and materials that are light and easily distributable to support your visual communication:

  • sales brochure
  • promotional flyer
  • catalog
  • corporate brochure
  • prospectus
  • product card (product sheet) and product brochure
  • booklet
  • advertising poster
  • leaflet
  • visit card (business card)
  • advertising pamphlet
  • advertising insert
  • all kinds of sheets and sales supports
  • etc.

POP/IOP and signage

To increase your visibility in space and to make your field marketing campaigns more successful, we offer several display advertising materials and communication tools:

  • banner
  • neon sign (illuminated sign)
  • kakemono
  • personalized tee shirt
  • mascot
  • advertising totem
  • billboard
  • roll-up
  • x-banner
  • stickers and self-adhesive materials (wallpapers, labels etc.)
  • poster and placard
  • sheet
  • light box
  • flag and flying banner
  • wall sign
  • animation stand (promotion boot)
  • etc.

Advertising and promotional items

To retain and reward customers, we direct you to the communication with promotional objects, and we support you in the selection and design of personalized goodies and gifts.

Unlike other disposable promotional items, gifts will be kept by customers if they are well crafted.

  • USB key
  • kraft bag
  • personalized pen
  • mousepad
  • personalized and printed T-shirt
  • personal and professional agenda
  • printable calendar bearing the brand name and logo
  • and why not a customized smartphone with your colors for a prestigious client

Stationery and cards

Everything must speak the same language and be uniform and consistent. Customize your card making and stationery to rhyme with your visual identity.

  • invitation card
  • postcard
  • complimentary slip
  • loyalty card
  • wish card
  • agenda
  • notebook
  • Headed paper
  • sleeves/boxes/covers of CD
  • flap folder
  • etc.

Book and edition

Are you looking to produce small series of luxurious or personalized book for important personalities? For example a book of photos, a hardcover annual report, a catalog to put in the waiting room, a guest book, a presentation folder etc.

We take responsibility in the graphic design of the book, and we help you in choosing the right paper, adequate printing processes and interesting hardcovers and bookbindings.

Print and graphic pack for startups

You have just started or you are about to start a business, we create your:

  • Visual identity (logo and graphical charter).
  • Scalable showcase website that you can subsequently extend and enhance with other features.
  • Cards and stationery.
  • Communication tools and advertising media.

Propel your business more easily thanks to well-founded web and visual communication.

Design and packaging printing

The packaging is not only used to protect and transport the products, but it is also a major communication tool, it may even form the first impression of the product.

We ensure you the creation of a singular package that is loyal to your image, in order to become noticeable and prominent in the showcases.

QR code generation and printing (flash code)

We generate a QR code that can be read by a smartphone. This flash code facilitates the execution of certain common tasks such as:

  • visiting a link
  • adding a contact in a directory
  • locating a store on a map
  • subscribing to a newsletter
  • etc.

The generated flash code will be displayed on your communication tools and advertising materials such as flyers, brochures, business cards, urban and street furniture, packaging, showcases etc.

More than ever! Give meaning to your brand message through a singular and coherent visual communication. Trust our artistic graphic studio to craft your graphic identity in an original and consistent way.

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