Print and Graphic Design Approach

Your logo, graphic charter, print communication tools and advertising media convey your image and therefore have paramount importance. Our visual communication agency attaches great consideration for its conceptions in graphic design and desktop publishing, and follows a process that has proved its worth.

1) Brief between the visual communication agency and the client

We are convinced that every business is unique. On this basis, any process of graphic design must begin with a meeting to listen, discover your business, fully understand your marketing goals, learn more about your competitors, audit your current print advertising media and visual identity etc.

After auditing your overall communication strategy and analyzing your current situation, the field is marked out for us in order to work well our graphic design production, and possibly make the best choices about the formats and digital and offset printing processes.

2) Conceive and propose a graphic design

At this stage, our mission is to find creative and appropriate solutions. First, we brainstorm to generate original ideas that we then analyze from several angles, keeping only those that are most promising. In the end, one or more concepts are developed and submitted to the client to get his point of view and probably make changes if needed.

If you have a well-specified need and a more or less estimated budget, we will create you customized proposals, otherwise we can suggest several concepts that may possibly require different budgets.

3) Confirm the graphic model

To avoid mistakes, we work together to validate the progress of the graphic production and we make you participate in the project from start to finish.

From this perspective, our graphic studio expects from you to validate a proposed model, to move to the step of design achievement, otherwise we modify it as many times as is necessary to get your satisfaction.

It's worth mentioning that for pure computer graphics work, the final product can be considered delivered at this level:

  • desktop-publishing
  • graphic design
  • graphic charter and logo
  • multimedia: video editing, 3D modeling, flash animation, motion design etc.

On the contrary, other projects that require graphic design and its implementation on a medium, go through other steps such as printing, manufacturing, installation etc.

  • print communication tools: catalog, flyer, brochure, pamphlet, business card ...
  • POP/IOP and signage: banner, sticker, totem, roll-up, billboard, kakemono ...
  • advertising and promotional objects: calendar ...
  • cards and stationery
  • book and publishing
  • design and packaging printing
  • generation and printing the QR code (flash code)

Note that you can also call on another visual communication agency or choose to undertake yourself a part of the project, such as only entrusting the graphic design to us and taking over responsibility for printing or vice versa.

It's very flexible to work with us, indeed, we are seeking your satisfaction and a sustainable win-win relationship.

4) Plan

Once the graphic design is validated by you, we plan its technical achievement to control the whole creation process while respecting your constraints:

  • elaboration of a timetable
  • description of tasks and assigning roles to graphic designers and/or web designers
  • required budget

5) Realize and build the communication tools/materials

The aim is to give a physical form to the initial idea. Indeed, we realize the concept on a paper or any other form, and we support you in choosing the best mediums and processes of printing and technical production.

After a lot of work, impactful and consistent advertising tools and materials with your company's corporate identity emerge.

Together we are moving forward in the graphic production line in order to give life to the imagined concept on the good media and materials while staying loyal to your visual identity.

6) Follow-up

Your concept is finally achieved and it is at you disposable, it does not end there! You will definitely want to use it one way or another.

For this, we support you in your overall communication strategy by advising you on how:

- To enrich the initial concept with other ideas that follow the same logic in order to support the overall expected result.

- To share your print communication tools and your advertising materials by the mean of street marketing operations and distribution of flyers or samples.

- To promote your multimedia and graphic design (video editing, flash animation, motion design etc.) in the web.

- To assess the effectiveness and the generated impact after the use of a communication medium.

Do you have a graphic design project? Are you looking for talented web designers and graphic designers? Our graphic design studio uses his brush to shape your visual identity and give it original shapes and colors.

Trust us and let us imagine a relevant and unique conception to make a mark on your clients' minds and position permanently your image.

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