AFA Consulting Firm

About AFA Advisory

AFA Advisory is a consulting firm located in Morocco and more specifically in Casablanca. We operate in several consulting areas for the same purpose, namely increasing the overall performance of our clients and helping them to create more added value.

"AFA" in Berber language means "Mountain Peak". It's the ideal keyword that accurately conveys our values, mission and philosophy. We are continuously taking off in order to reach the pinnacle. We are fueled by great ambition and fierce determination.

We provide consultancy mainly in marketing, management and IT. We use our large expertise in a global and complimentary approach to create synergy effects. This makes our multi-skilled consulting firm a true incubator of trademarks, especially those in the launch or growth phrases.

Call us as you see fit

We have developed a wide range of services and act in several areas of expertise. Indeed, you can identify us with several names:

  • consulting firm
  • communications agency
  • web agency
  • advertising company
  • marketing agency
  • event agency
  • digital agency
  • or whatever you want ...

Our clients

We serve customers in Morocco of different sizes (SMEs, holding companies, corporations and organizations) operating in diverse activity domains. We also serve foreign companies that are willing to work with us such as an offshore web agency in Morocco, to outsource some parts of their activity in order to:

  • Control and reduce costs.
  • Cope with a surge of activity.

Opt for offshoring in Morocco and get an affordable service and a skilled workforce while being demanding on quality and deadlines.

With a multidisciplinary team, experienced and well qualified, your objectives in terms of quantitative and qualitative growth will be achieved with correct budgets.

Indeed, we hope to build a sustainable and a win-win relationship with our customers by accompanying them over time to conceive and implement the most effective and efficient commercial, marketing and communication strategy. We remain conscious of your goals and avoid squandering your resources and budgets because we consider it shameful.

Our services

Our competitive and human-sized agency is there to support you during the design and implementation of your marketing and management projects as well as your IT systems/platforms.

We deeply listen to our customers, and offer them enough flexibility and personalized services.

We capitalize on our expertise and pragmatic approach to solve your problems and thus implement and monitor your marketing, managerial and communication plans.

Do not wait! Contact us today to ensure adequate and customized solutions for all your needs. We operate in several areas and we know how to combine our skills and strengths in a cross-media perspective:

  • strategic marketing
  • commercial activity and sales promotion
  • operational and direct marketing
  • digital marketing and web development
  • qualitative and quantitative market research
  • marketing desk research
  • graphic design and digital/offset printing
  • and many others …

More than ever, you need to make the difference! So, entrust your project to our consultants!

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