AFA Digital Communications Agency

AFA is also a digital web marketing agency of a human scale. AFA Advisory is characterized by flexibility and responsiveness, continuous learning, close collaboration between different web departments and teamwork.

Our goal is to set up your digital marketing strategy in order to help you in acquiring internet traffic while ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI).

Today, the web is widely immense. Every day new sites are added besides the countless number of sites that is already online for several years. To get a respectable place in this world characterized by fierce competition, marketers must make the digital marketing an integral part of the overall marketing strategy.

Many customers start asking several questions after having ventured into the web:

  • How to attract more visitors to my site?
  • Why my competitor is better ranked on Google than me?
  • How to increase sales using my website?
  • How to get the best ROI?
  • How to analyze and measure the ROI?
  • What can I do to increase the number of fans of my Facebook page?
  • Why the visitors of my website leave very quickly and how to keep them as long as possible?

So many questions that our web marketing communications agency is created to respond to with appropriate and effective solutions:

  • SEO (netlinking on-page seo optimization)
  • Google ads (SEA)
  • social marketing strategy (SMO)
  • mobile marketing (SMS / MMS and mobile applications)
  • managing online reputation
  • content strategy (web copywriting and content management)
  • emailing marketing and CRM
  • traffic analysis with Google Analytics and other web analytics tools
  • internet advertising with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads
  • affiliation
  • e-commerce
  • and many others …

In our digital agency, each client is considered as a special case. For this reason, we create an optimized e-marketing strategy that is shaped for his case. We consider among web marketing tools those that are best suited for his issue.

Agency 360

Our approach is resolutely global, we design your 360 digital strategy by combining multiple web marketing solutions if needed with the aim of multiplication of contacts. This multichannel integration contributes to the optimization of the return on investment (ROI). It is in this sense that our web marketing agency has taken a strategic decision that consists in mastering the entire emarketing chain, thanks to a team of multi-skilled, passionate and devoted experts.

Whether you are a national customer or a foreign company seeking to outsource to an offshore web agency in Morocco, you can count on us to design and implement your digital marketing strategy.

Whatever your issue, we get involved deeply in the analysis and the implementation of the most appropriate web strategy to meet the results you expect.

Our approach is pragmatic and focused on conversion and rigorous analysis of each digital campaign. We take great satisfaction from the support of our customers over time and increasing their results in terms of visibility on the internet and conversion.

It is high time that you push your website or online store so that it fills its original role, namely draining qualified prospects and developing a lasting relationship with your target audiences (acquisition and retention).

Contact us and entrust your digital project to us!

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