Events and Operational Marketing Agency

AFA is also a direct marketing, sales promotion and event agency. We cover all Morocco thanks to our extended team, and we manage operational marketing projects from our main office which is based in Casablanca.

Our direct marketing services

We carry out different projects and missions that can be classified in the so-called alternative marketing or below-the-line communication, such as:

  • events and street marketing (roadshows)
  • samples and flyers distribution (flyering)
  • sales animation with promotional communication: sales promotion with tastings, product sampling, contests etc.
  • discounts, destocking, bonuses etc.
  • trade marketing and merchandising
  • commercial animation in hypermarkets/supermarkets with hostesses (facilitators), dramatization, POS etc.
  • supervision and mystery shopping
  • experiential marketing
  • and many others …

Our event agency handles all these marketing field operations from concept elaboration to concrete execution. We adopt a transversal approach to reach as many shoppers as possible in different places, in order to multiply the recall opportunities and arouse the clients' attention.

We act in a huge field that spans from food, to high-tech products (household appliances, telecommunications), and including the health and beauty products. We have also the ability to work in all places where we can deploy impacting field marketing actions (hypermarkets, supermarkets, CHR, streets, markets, shopping centers etc.).

We have the ability to quickly engage multiple profiles such as hosts and hostesses, facilitators etc. throughout Morocco for large-scale direct marketing projects.

Why do commercial animation and operational marketing?

The communication campaigns that are made with traditional media and classic advertising tools like TV and radio are characterized by non-optimal targeting, and result in a huge underexploited budget.

By contrast, the operational marketing maximizes targeting thanks to one-to-one communication with the customer and generates faster and guaranteed return on investment. In addition, interaction with consumers allows us to listen and learn more about their needs, purchase inhibitors... it's quite the opposite in TV/radio where the message is unilateral!

Direct marketing also has the advantage of communicating an energetic and creative image of the company and its brands.

Better yet, if the action is well conducted, it may turn into success by generating spectacular buzz and huge virality. Indeed, it is the common outcome with guerrilla marketing actions that are very impactful and that generate significant media relay. The rule of thumb is to incorporate a large dose of originality and choose the suitable place/time and good facilitators for such commercial actions.

AFA your brand activation partner

More than ever, you need to go on the field to win new customers, instead of being stuck in your office and leave your competitors forge close ties with your own customers. Entrust your offensive projects to a real field marketing agency.

Our dynamic and reactive consulting firm is at your disposal to carry out your event or promotional advertising campaigns from conception to implementation. Our goal is to defend your products by putting them in more prominent areas in relation to your competitors, where your customers and potential consumers are located.

We handle all steps to launch effective, efficient and offbeat communication campaigns, but still in concordance with your overall strategy.

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