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Digital Media Agency

AFA is also an offshore digital advertising agency which is based in Morocco, and more precisely in Casablanca. Its main objective is to support you in the setting of your online advertising campaign on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and other similar SEA/SEM platforms, as well as sponsored links in social and professional networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Ads.

We also offer you other formats of sponsored ads such as retargeting (remarketing), affiliate programs and native advertising with some powerful platforms such as Taboola and Outbrain.

Offshore Digital Advertising Agency in Morocco - Casablanca

Our goal is to attract qualified visitors by exposing them to compelling advertisements at convenient times. This is what allows us to improve the conversion rate and generate a better return on investment.

Our winning formula: the good ad, in the right place and at the right time.

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Website Development and Web Design Company

Outsource website design to our offshore web development company based in Morocco - Casablanca

AFA is also a digital agency that specializes in website design, custom web development and website maintenance services of all types:

  • Showcase website (also called brochure website)
  • Dynamic website
  • Ecommerce website (also called online store website or merchant website)
  • Institutional or corporate website
  • CMS website
  • Flash website
  • Editorial website
  • Blog site (specifically a WordPress website)
  • Mobile website
  • Etc.

We are based in Casablanca and we work for clients in Morocco, however if you run a mobile and digital web agency which specializes in website design and maintenance, custom web development and mobile app design, you can entrust us a part of your production. Indeed, we work with leaders internationally, including France. Our offshore web agency provides them with the required skills to increase their production force while controlling costs.

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Link Building Agency

AFA netlinking agency (also called Link Building or Backlinking) mobilizes large different skills in SEO teams like the editors, operators of SEO and backlink, bloggers, partners, community managers etc. so you generate backlinks (also called inbound links or back links) good quality while respecting the Google guidelines for ethical SEO.

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SEO Agency

Our SEO company accompanies you and advises you to improve your web visibility on Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo etc.).

We work with clients in Morocco, and also international clients who are looking to outsource their SEO campaigns. Our offshore SEO agency in Morocco (Casablanca) will enable you to achieve your goals with correct budgets.

We guarantee you SEO strategies of quality respecting the charters of search engines, through techniques SEO "White Hat Seo" as opposed to techniques SEO "Hat Black" (Black Hat Seo).

We are well equipped and we constantly follow developments in the field of major search engines and natural referencing.

Your site will be optimized for Google and others, and your traffic and visibility will tangibly improve.

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AFA Qualitative Research Institute

Based on our experience in qualitative studies, after a detailed examination of your research question, we carry out and carry out your qualitative research.

Our methodology is proven, in addition, we manage the whole cycle of the study project, namely:

  1. Specification and clarification of the research question and objectives of the study.
  2. Definition of the participants' profile.
  3. Choice of qualitative data collection methodology: individual interviews, focus group or observation.
  4. Recruitment of participants in consumer meetings, interviews or observation sessions if they are not disguised.
  5. Preparation of the interview guide, guide of animation or grid of observation by the person in charge, namely: moderator, moderator, qualitative studies, observer etc.
  6. Animation, conducting and conducting focus groups, individual interviews or observation sessions.
  7. Verbatim transcription (word-for-word) and analysis of audio or video files.
  8. Synthesizing data and disseminating reports and recommendations.

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In Store and Out Store Sales Promotion and Management

AFA agency of commercial animation in-store and out-store accompanies you in your quest of activation of brands and dynamization of sales.

Our attention to detail, the quality of our services and the level of accomplishment of your objectives make us a trusted partner.

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