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Mobile and Web Agency

AFA is also a web agency and IT company that realizes customized web development, namely websites creation, development of social and mobile applications and any kind of ergonomics, integration and web design work.

We work with clients in Morocco and foreign companies doing outsourcing (offshoring) by using offshore web agencies in Morocco following the same production standards known in Europe and America.

Our digital agency on a human scale is powered by a dynamic young team. This controlled size allows it to remain flexible and be moderated by enthusiasts who love to marry robust technology with unbridled creativity.

We master any type of web development. Indeed and obviously, we know how to create a website, and especially how to accomplish tailored web development to create complex business web applications (intranet, extranet, CRM, online shop etc.).

Indeed, we seek above all to create a place for ourselves in the world of web development with high added value. For this reason, our digital agency:

  • Is structured for the most complex projects that require expert intervention.
  • Has assimilated the tools and the most proven practices over time to achieve extreme levels of performance.

This area is changing very quickly, consequently we keep abreast of the latest trends and opportunities. Everyone is involved in a perpetual monitoring and constant watch to allow our web agency not to age by adopting the most robust and reliable tools.

We have a variety of services and products, here is a list:

  • Facebook social application
  • engineering and custom web development consultancy
  • CMS web site
  • WordPress blog
  • showcase site
  • e-commerce site
  • corporate web site
  • editorial site
  • mobile applications development
  • maintenance website
  • web design and ergonomics
  • and many others …

We are well equipped and we implement the good practices and the best web technologies, PHP/JavaScript/CSS frameworks and CMS solutions to create websites and powerful applications.

We pride ourselves to be equipped with an effective technology that we combine with a well-crafted graphic touch to design effective web and mobile applications. You will love and support our workflow and tools.

More than ever, enjoy the digital era! Do not let your competitors have a head start, and get a competitive advantage with regard to those who are absent in the web. Go online to meet your customers! They are there to get informed and even place orders.

Give more prestige to your image and increase your sales! Contact us if you want to create or redesign your website.

Note also that we offer web marketing services to draw more qualified traffic, because otherwise it would be pointless to create a website.

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Web Marketing Methodolgy

The implementation of a web marketing strategy must go through a series of steps and follows a proven and constantly updated methodology, in order to best meet the expectations of our customers and ensure maximum return on investment.

Our approach is essentially based on the following steps:

1) Brief between the digital web marketing agency and the client

This is the preliminary step to any digital strategy. We get deeply involved during this step for each mission. We enable dialogue and trigger several exchanges with the client to immerse ourselves in his issue, and understand several key points:

  • industry and business
  • product offering
  • target market
  • brand DNA and strategic positioning
  • strengths of the competition and their offensive
  • expectations, intended results and strategic orientations
  • analysis of your current presence in the Internet
  • current eMarketing strategy if any

We work together to analyze the above-mentioned variables and at the end of this first stage we define clearly and in detail the scope and content of the web project.

This phase allows us to specify the marketing budget and act while remaining consistent with your strategic online.

2) Planning and conception of your digital strategy

Following the brief, we choose from a multitude of web marketing tools, those that are best suited to your situation, and we establish detailed specifications.

We also plan the digital project to meet your needs while respecting your constraints:

  • actions to deploy and related expenses
  • web marketers to be engaged
  • timetable of realization

3) Implement and execute

We mobilize our team to set up your digital campaign following the best practices and the highest standards of the industry.

4) Tracking and evolution

After the launch of the web marketing campaign, our mission does not stop here, we suggest new ways of collaboration to maintain and strengthen your e-Marketing project:

  • Monitor your web marketing strategy throughout its whole life cycle.
  • Evolve and provide new recommendations thanks to our creativity and proactiveness.
  • Track and analyze regularly the ROI of your actions and produce a transparent assessment statement of your advertising campaign at intervals you choose (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  • Renew the same action if necessary.

Contact us for your next advertising campaign! Our web marketing agency will support you so that you can generate more value with the web channel and achieve your expectations in terms of qualified internet traffic acquisition, loyalty, engagement and transformation.

We are well equipped and we have great experience and a multitude of increasingly innovative, efficient and personalized solutions, and above all, we are a passionate team about digital marketing and exciting challenges.

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AFA Digital Communications Agency

AFA is also a digital web marketing agency of a human scale. AFA Advisory is characterized by flexibility and responsiveness, continuous learning, close collaboration between different web departments and teamwork.

Our goal is to set up your digital marketing strategy in order to help you in acquiring internet traffic while ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI).

Today, the web is widely immense. Every day new sites are added besides the countless number of sites that is already online for several years. To get a respectable place in this world characterized by fierce competition, marketers must make the digital marketing an integral part of the overall marketing strategy.

Many customers start asking several questions after having ventured into the web:

  • How to attract more visitors to my site?
  • Why my competitor is better ranked on Google than me?
  • How to increase sales using my website?
  • How to get the best ROI?
  • How to analyze and measure the ROI?
  • What can I do to increase the number of fans of my Facebook page?
  • Why the visitors of my website leave very quickly and how to keep them as long as possible?

So many questions that our web marketing communications agency is created to respond to with appropriate and effective solutions:

  • SEO (netlinking on-page seo optimization)
  • Google ads (SEA)
  • social marketing strategy (SMO)
  • mobile marketing (SMS / MMS and mobile applications)
  • managing online reputation
  • content strategy (web copywriting and content management)
  • emailing marketing and CRM
  • traffic analysis with Google Analytics and other web analytics tools
  • internet advertising with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads
  • affiliation
  • e-commerce
  • and many others …

In our digital agency, each client is considered as a special case. For this reason, we create an optimized e-marketing strategy that is shaped for his case. We consider among web marketing tools those that are best suited for his issue.

Agency 360

Our approach is resolutely global, we design your 360 digital strategy by combining multiple web marketing solutions if needed with the aim of multiplication of contacts. This multichannel integration contributes to the optimization of the return on investment (ROI). It is in this sense that our web marketing agency has taken a strategic decision that consists in mastering the entire emarketing chain, thanks to a team of multi-skilled, passionate and devoted experts.

Whether you are a national customer or a foreign company seeking to outsource to an offshore web agency in Morocco, you can count on us to design and implement your digital marketing strategy.

Whatever your issue, we get involved deeply in the analysis and the implementation of the most appropriate web strategy to meet the results you expect.

Our approach is pragmatic and focused on conversion and rigorous analysis of each digital campaign. We take great satisfaction from the support of our customers over time and increasing their results in terms of visibility on the internet and conversion.

It is high time that you push your website or online store so that it fills its original role, namely draining qualified prospects and developing a lasting relationship with your target audiences (acquisition and retention).

Contact us and entrust your digital project to us!

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Direct Marketing Appoach

We have implemented a well-proven methodology to conduct operational marketing projects of all kinds such as commercial animation, sales promotion, outsourced/external sales force, street marketing, merchandising and events.

Our direct marketing agency supports you regardless of your size in all phases, starting with the design of the communication campaign, then the staffing/briefing, the logistics field and shipments/installations, regular field control and finally reporting.

Our traditional cycle is divided as follows:

1) Brief between the direct marketing agency and the client

To understand the content and scope of a field marketing project, we begin a first phase which aims to immerse ourselves in your world and get to know you:

  • What is the business of your company and industry?
  • What is your product offering?
  • What are your customers?
  • What is your chosen strategic positioning?
  • What are your usual direct marketing action/tactics?
  • What are your goals and expectations?
  • What is your budget if it is estimable?
  • What are your competitors? What are their advantages and field marketing projects?

So many questions must be considered in order to prepare solid foundation for the project.

2) Reflection and conception

This phase represents the spark that lights our choice and from which arises a strong concept.

We analyze in detail the brief and we try to answer the following questions:

- Who?

What is the target to hit by the communication campaign (shoppers, young people, mothers ...)? It is essential to avoid losing track of your target in order not to waste unnecessary the campaign budget.

- What?

What operational marketing action proves appropriate? Commercial animation, sales promotion, an action of street marketing, or better, a multi-faceted campaign?

- Where?

In-store, out-store, on the beaches ...? Where can I find abundantly my target?

- When?

What is the ideal time to meet a lot of people? Should we coincide our actions with a specific day (Mother's Day, morning, evening, weekend, and early morning)?

- How?

The answer to this question allows us to detail the communication campaign (POS, theme, profiles to recruit, promotion etc.).

- How many?

Quantify and plan actions, resources and expected results as far as possible.

- Why?

The purposes for which the device will be realized promotional: brand awareness, traffic, product launch etc.

To answer these questions exhaustively and qualitatively, we conduct brainstorming meetings and group sessions to imagine the right solution.

Thereafter, we finalize an operational plan and we submit a detailed proposal.

3) Recruitment and Training

Once the communication campaign is conceived, the right team should be constituted and trained based on your expectations and the preliminary analysis, in order to realize the project as it was dreamed.

We follow a rigorous recruitment and selection process in order to get the appropriate staff:

  1. We use every possible means to find candidates (jobs announcements, sponsorship, our current database etc.).
  2. We pass the tests, interviews, role-plays to keep only the right profiles.
  3. We retain the perfect profiles for future missions and we monitor continuously their knowledge.

The post-mortem process in recruitment/training allows us to improve continuously our database, and even retain some good profiles for some complex and technical products.

Once the team is trained, it must be ensured that it is well briefed on products to promote, the promotional offer, the message to be spread etc.

4) Marketing project launch

The action is initiated, the material is dispatched and installed, the team is in place, each is equipped with his tools. After the successful launch, a full field control is ensured by a dedicated project manager.

A series of control visits are carried out, these inspections focus on the reception of the animation equipment and the presence of facilitators in due form at the agreed place.

A launch status report will be sent with photos, facilitators that were present on the event area and what was not launched with the respective reasons.

To ensure good performance, we rely heavily on efficient logistics management of the delivered equipment by the client (POS, samples, gifts etc.).

5) Data processing and analysis

Every day, the team on field sends us reports of sales and the qualitative feedback from customers/shoppers. These data are aggregated in a single file to get an overall view of the performance achieved and the impact of the communication campaign.

Our project managers exploit the generated reports to analyze, compare, synthesize and extract knowledge to manage properly the project during its development in order to maximize the return on investment.

6) Reporting

To finish the operation, we write a comprehensive and transparent report, which thoroughly describes the progress of the operation and its return on investment (ROI), followed by relevant and operational recommendations.

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Events and Operational Marketing Agency

AFA is also a direct marketing, sales promotion and event agency. We cover all Morocco thanks to our extended team, and we manage operational marketing projects from our main office which is based in Casablanca.

Our direct marketing services

We carry out different projects and missions that can be classified in the so-called alternative marketing or below-the-line communication, such as:

  • events and street marketing (roadshows)
  • samples and flyers distribution (flyering)
  • sales animation with promotional communication: sales promotion with tastings, product sampling, contests etc.
  • discounts, destocking, bonuses etc.
  • trade marketing and merchandising
  • commercial animation in hypermarkets/supermarkets with hostesses (facilitators), dramatization, POS etc.
  • supervision and mystery shopping
  • experiential marketing
  • and many others …

Our event agency handles all these marketing field operations from concept elaboration to concrete execution. We adopt a transversal approach to reach as many shoppers as possible in different places, in order to multiply the recall opportunities and arouse the clients' attention.

We act in a huge field that spans from food, to high-tech products (household appliances, telecommunications), and including the health and beauty products. We have also the ability to work in all places where we can deploy impacting field marketing actions (hypermarkets, supermarkets, CHR, streets, markets, shopping centers etc.).

We have the ability to quickly engage multiple profiles such as hosts and hostesses, facilitators etc. throughout Morocco for large-scale direct marketing projects.

Why do commercial animation and operational marketing?

The communication campaigns that are made with traditional media and classic advertising tools like TV and radio are characterized by non-optimal targeting, and result in a huge underexploited budget.

By contrast, the operational marketing maximizes targeting thanks to one-to-one communication with the customer and generates faster and guaranteed return on investment. In addition, interaction with consumers allows us to listen and learn more about their needs, purchase inhibitors... it's quite the opposite in TV/radio where the message is unilateral!

Direct marketing also has the advantage of communicating an energetic and creative image of the company and its brands.

Better yet, if the action is well conducted, it may turn into success by generating spectacular buzz and huge virality. Indeed, it is the common outcome with guerrilla marketing actions that are very impactful and that generate significant media relay. The rule of thumb is to incorporate a large dose of originality and choose the suitable place/time and good facilitators for such commercial actions.

AFA your brand activation partner

More than ever, you need to go on the field to win new customers, instead of being stuck in your office and leave your competitors forge close ties with your own customers. Entrust your offensive projects to a real field marketing agency.

Our dynamic and reactive consulting firm is at your disposal to carry out your event or promotional advertising campaigns from conception to implementation. Our goal is to defend your products by putting them in more prominent areas in relation to your competitors, where your customers and potential consumers are located.

We handle all steps to launch effective, efficient and offbeat communication campaigns, but still in concordance with your overall strategy.

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Online Surveying

Previously, to conduct a survey, the marketing research companies had only the choice between few basic methods to administer a questionnaire:

  • face-to-face survey (home, outlet, street, office, etc.)
  • phone
  • by postal service
  • E-mail

Thanks to the emergence of new technologies (telephony and computers etc.), other methods are born:

  • CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing)
  • CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

Over time, the internet has become available throughout the world and the web was widely popularized. This contributed to the proliferation of "web services" and "SaaS" application (software as a service) including polling websites. At that time, the administration of an online questionnaire is possible. This new method named CAWI (computer-assisted web interviewing) has grown in popularity.

Is it better to administer a questionnaire online?

Briefly, web surveys can significantly reduce costs, shorten the overall administrative duration, and guard against risks of errors. However, they also suffer from some limitations.

Advantages of online survey

Low-cost market research

Cost is controlled through the elimination of some unnecessary expenses like:

  • telephone calls
  • recruitment and training of interviewers
  • traveling to meet potential participants
  • no typing is made
  • Further more, online survey tools are dematerialized (no paper and printing). This is also ecological and beneficial to the environment.

Market research is accessible to a large population

This advantage makes online survey tool very suitable for conducting international marketing studies. It is even possible to target specific geographic areas by filtering with IP addresses (continent, country, city, or even neighborhood).

This large access contributes to reducing contact costs, and gives us the opportunity to reach people that are impossible to be physically contacted, or called by telephone or reached during regular business hours intervals.

Respondents may be invited to take part in the online survey in several ways:

  • emailing
  • social networks
  • publication on the website of the company that wants to carry out a market study online
  • SMS
  • web ad campaign
  • blogs
  • QR codes
  • etc.

Administering e-questionnaire is super-fast

A lot of time can be saved thanks to the elimination of some laborious tasks. Indeed, you will not need to recruit and train interviewers anymore. In addition, data entry and data processing are carried out automatically.

Data collection control is more easy and robust

Online surveys have several interesting technical features:

Advanced filtering and skip logic to direct the flow of the internet form according to the provided responses throughout the survey.

Detection of suspected respondents through systematic or manual verification of the spent time to fill out the whole questionnaire, or some parts of it.

The provided responses are progressively controlled and error messages are reported if unsatisfactory data are typed in. For example, It's possible to require a response with at least 3 words or at least twenty characters for an open question, otherwise the next steps of the questionnaire won't be accessible.

Checking the consistency and coherence of responses.

Systematic and real-time control of quotas and the number of completed questionnaires. In addition, an automatic shutdown option of the internet survey can be activated if a condition is met.

Interactive and accessible online form

It is possible to embed multimedia objects such as videos, audios, images, flash animations etc. to increase the richness and interactivity, and improve the user experience and his willingness to participate.

In addition, the wide range of questions that can be inserted is huge and diversified. This may allow us to get more valuable results and insights.

The e-questionnaire can be presented in multiple languages in order to involve respondents from different cultures.

More sincere and accurate answers

Anonymity pushes respondents to provide spontaneous answers.

The absence of the interviewer and other agents (data entry operators etc.), means also the elimination of bias and errors that can be caused by these latter.

Some errors can be prevented thanks to the skip logic mechanisms.

The online form is available all the time during the deployment period of the Internet survey and it is accessible from anywhere. So, an interviewee may complete an online questionnaire at night in his bedroom if it is only available at that time. Furthermore, he will experience less pressure and avoid any lack of concentration that may be triggered by the environment.

Data confidentiality

The collected responses are stored directly in a database, which enhances confidentiality and improves archiving marketing studies.

Internet survey drawbacks

Like the other administration methods, the online questionnaire has disadvantages as well as advantages. The optimal choice that can be made varies from one situation to another.

Online marketing studies suffer from the same limitations as all self-administered surveys. Indeed, the suppression of the interviewer results in less support and guidance. In this case, if a question is poorly worded, the online survey may be biased. In addition, answers to open-ended questions are generally less detailed and less exploitable, because of the absence of an interviewer who can ask follow-up questions several times in order to get a more qualitative response.

A specific population may be over-represented (the techie generation) and another one can be totally absent (households without computers and/or Internet connection, elderly people etc.).

Internet questionnaire administered face-to-face

Our market research company has opted for a hybrid solution that combines the benefits of an online poll and a face-to-face survey. In this sense, we deploy an online questionnaire that we administer by interviewers equipped with tablets or smartphones for data collection.

This approach allows us to maintain contact with the respondent and facilitate the questionnaire administration.

Are you planning to conduct market research on field or on an online survey site? Contact us to carry out your next marketing project. Our market research firm pursues a proven methodology and makes use of robust tools.

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