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AFA is also a visual communications agency, which ensures digital and offset printing too. Our graphic design studio is based in Morocco, specifically in Casablanca. We carry all kinds of multimedia and graphic design work that may range from simple desktop publishing to 3D modeling, and including photo editing and retouching images, complex graphic design, communication through promotional objects and video editing.

We consider the infographic as a passion above all, and we adopt a particular approach which consists in making good use of technology and drawing from our imagination to reach the creative excellence in graphic production.

Computer graphics for the benefit of your visual identity

Before continuing, it is appropria1te to ask a few questions:

Why is the graphic design important?
How can visual communication benefit my business?

Do you know that:

  • 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual level.
  • Visual information is much easier and faster to be understood by the brain.
  • Visual retention by the brain is longer. Indeed, photographs and videos enable us to live experiences, engrave ideas in mind and facilitate immediate brand recognition in a confused world.
  • People remember more what they see than what they read or hear.
  • A website whose design is well done has more credibility.
  • Customers tend to share pictures and videos on social networks than other forms of publications.

These are findings on visual communication in general, but to get the most out of the graphic, it's imperative to choose colors and appropriate forms to achieve an original idea, then create a strong concept with a correct design, and finally reproduce the graphical conception on good paper and high print quality.

Indeed, not all graphic productions are the same in terms of impact. A rushed graphic design may even be counterproductive for the company. Imagine the impact that can have a business card that is poorly designed or which is created with poor quality paper.

The graphic identity conveys your brand image and positioning, increases your credibility and improves your overall awareness.

We seriously take into consideration its issues, for this, our visual communications agency supports and advises its clients in developing their communication tools and advertising media.

As far as we are concerned, the magic formula is to design a distinct visual identity, which must be loyal to your positioning, finally it must be wrapped in the same style and tone to keep overall consistency.

AFA your graphic designer and print consultant

We meet every need you can imagine:

  • logo design and graphic design for business
  • multimedia: photo and video editing, flash animation, 3D modeling etc.
  • communication tools: flyer, sales brochure, catalog, prospectus, pamphlet, billboard, booklet, leaflet, professional business card etc.
  • office stationery: papers, sleeves/boxes/covers of CD, personalized advertising notepad, flap folder, paper letterhead etc.
  • signage conception and installation
  • point-of-sale advertising (POS), out-store and in-store advertising, advertising display: banner, neon sign (illuminated sign), billboard, kakemono, animation stand (promotion booth), personalized tee shirt, advertising totem, roll-up, x-banner etc.
  • personalized gift for a partner
  • goodies and promotional items for customers: personal and professional calendar, printable calendar bearing the brand name and logo etc.
  • and many others

Our graphic studio provides you with its expertise to achieve your graphic design projects, whatever your industry and your communication needs.

Our team of graphic designers and web designers is on the lookout for the latest technological advances and graphic trends. Our technological and creative approach brings a relevant answer to your needs with strong concepts.

Make beautify your visual identity and give a new look to your brand!

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