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AFA Market Research Firm

AFA is also a polling company and an opinion research corporation. We work generally with clients in Morocco, and we carry out their marketing studies in our office based in Casablanca.

Our marketing research firm relies heavily on web technologies to automate most of the search workflow. This is part of our mission, which aims to carry out an efficient and effective market research in order to help our customers at reasonable cost, to gauge the economic environment, analyze opinions and attitudes, understand behaviors and to identify needs and expectations of the targeted market, examine the decision process and choice criteria of consumers.

Why conduct market research?

Today the market is characterized by great turbulence and complexity. Lifestyles and buying behaviors are constantly changing. For this reason, the market in which the company operates becomes unpredictable, and in order to implement a marketing and sales strategy with full background knowledge, one must study several endogenous and exogenous variables that impact the company.

Unlike the former practice, it is now imperative to anticipate changes in the market, as stated in these two famous quotes:

"Only the past is certain, but we only work with the future." - Auguste Detœuf
"To be beaten is excusable, being surprised is unforgivable." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Marketing studies should not be considered as waste, but instead, they are essential to secure your investments and optimize your sales and marketing plan.

Our types of marketing studies

Our market research company is led by a team of experts, who are passionate about opinion polls and extraction of "insights" from the data.

We cover the entire field of marketing research with robust approaches and proven data collecting and analysis tools:

  • quantitative ad hoc survey
  • barometer research (tracker)
  • qualitative research with focus groups or individual interviews
  • desktop search
  • online survey with internet questionnaire

A specific marketing study for each issue

In addition to our multidisciplinary approach, we have also multi-sectoral experience and we work with all the different target categories (B2B, B2C, urban / rural, decision makers, opinion leaders, influencers, public organizations, producers, distributors etc.).

Whatever your concern, surely we have a market study which will provide responses:

  • How to measure the satisfaction and loyalty of my customers?
  • What launch/development strategy should I adopt for a new product?
  • Who are the first customers of my product or service (target heart)?
  • What are the needs and expectations of consumers in the target market?
  • Does a specific new concept/product/packaging work well?
  • Who are my competitors? What are their competitive advantages and marketing strategies?
  • How to optimize my communication campaign?
  • How to evaluate the benefits and ROI of my campaign?
  • What are the new markets that I have to conquer?
  • What are the main modes and channels of distribution that should be considered? What are the most profitable of them?
  • To what extent my brand is known? How it is perceived by customers?

We have developed rich expertise to address all these possible marketing issues:

  • customer satisfaction survey
  • customer loyalty survey with the NPS indicators (Net Promoter Score)
  • usage and attitudes survey (U & A)
  • awareness survey
  • positioning study and brand audit
  • advertising pre-test
  • advertising post-test
  • test concept
  • test product
  • test packaging
  • test price
  • shopper and retail study
  • audit and competitive research

Online Survey

Our proven experience in terms of new information and communications technology (ICT) has opened up the possibility of deploying an online survey and thus computerizing the data collection and analysis steps. These two phases are prone to errors and result in more costs and more wasted time.

We create your internet survey with our platform, after designing the online questionnaire, we administer it on field with tablets. Data is entered directly into the database and reporting can be accessed in real time from your administration panel.

We approach transversely your problems by combining our tools and expertise, to support you beyond the restitution of statistics and graphics by bringing you directly exploitable and operational recommendations thanks to our outside and neutral view.

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