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Our ETHICS Values

Our ethical charter

For us ethics, it is worth gold!

We don't seek to only improve the technological tools of our consulting firm without including the commonly accepted moral values in our workflow.

"Ethics is the aesthetics of the soul" - Pierre Reverdy
"Great men are concerned with ethics, little men with etiquette" - Claude Frisoni

We work with an ethical charter that directs us all the time in our work. Our moral values are ubiquitous, form our character and mark out the ground for all our decisions.

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know your values." - Roy Disney

In this context, our approach is to invest in ethics as well as in technical stuff.

Our values may be combined into a single English word "ETHICS"

  • Engagement
  • Transparence
  • Honesty
  • Impartiality
  • Confidentiality
  • Solidarity

Our ethical values


We are committed all the time to mobilize our resources and time.

  • We mobilize fully the resources needed to complete your project.
  • We strive to achieve your goals ahead on time.

This virtue is spread within the team. On the other hand, we take care of our consultants and we really avoid recruiting unserious or careless people.


We hate obscurity in our relationships with customers, for this reason we work in a transparent way during all project phases, and we offer them honest and detailed information about the services provided, namely the required budgets, the deployed resources, the operational execution and finally the complete report and generated benefits.

On the other hand, our offers are clear and without surprises, because we believe that if we hide some facts from customers they will become disappointed and then lost definitely.


We are doing our business fairly and transparently.

Integrity is exercised in our agency with respect to all stakeholders (customers, colleagues etc.).

We do not joke with your goals and still less with your budget.

We reject altogether all unfair practices to snatch unfairly a contract (bribe).

We only accept a project if we are able to bring a real benefit, that's why we refuse to accept the impossible missions.

We always offer cost-effective solutions to our customer. Better yet, we take enough time to analyze his query to see if it really needs a particular action, and when needed we point him in the direction of what may be better.


All our customers receive the same service and the same level of involvement, regardless of their sizes or their commands. Everyone is treated on an equal footing.


We guarantee strict confidentiality of all the work and all the exchanged information.

The whole team is sensitized to the discretion and non-disclosure of our clients' professional secrecy willfully or negligently.

This is crucial when we work for competing brands.


We hope to raise our relations to an advanced stage and give it a more philanthropic aspect to jointly share the good and bad times.

"Without solidarity, performance is neither honorable nor sustainable." - François Proust


We adopt the above values because we integrate them into our life and we promote them outside of work. By sticking to these virtues, we can create a climate of trust and a partnership spirit with our customers.

To sum up, we seek a lasting and a win-win collaboration.

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Our Vision and Mission

Before continuing, let's agree on the terminology.

A vision is the ultimate long-term objective or what the company is willing to become in the distant future, and it is also a source of inspiration and motivation.

The mission is the purpose of the business.

Our vision

The AFA consulting firm aspires to be the privileged partner for its clients.

We hope to build a portfolio of serious customers that we will love and that they will love us too. Our goal is to be their preferred consultant. We aspire to become it thanks to through in-depth knowledge of their activities and by delving deeply into their problems to provide adequate solutions and ensure constant growth. Therefore, we focus on an ongoing and lasting win-win relationship.

For this, we are looking for serious customers and targeting the portfolio quality not necessarily its volume.

We really respect customers who are solvent, honest, realistic, and working professionally and properly.

We take time to analyze our potential customer relationship before starting a collaboration. In certain circumstances, we withdraw to avoid any future problems.

To understand what we seek as clients, here are some examples of unwelcomed behaviors and demands:

  • Not honoring its obligations especially the financial ones (schedule, amount etc.).
  • Ask unrealistic deadlines. Certainly, we are reactive and fast enough, but when this is not possible, we dare saying it.
  • Claim that a queried project is very easy. No need to evaluate the workload required for a mission, transparency and probity are promised.
  • Extremely disorganized client.
  • A client who cannot formulate his need, and then asks us to realize a project.
  • A client working in a field that goes against our personal beliefs such as tobacco and alcohol.

Our distant vision is to have these valuable clients to ensure our agency development, and in return, they will benefit from a high level of strategic support. That's because, we will delve deeply over time into their businesses and teams so that their missions also become ours.

We prefer retention instead of acquisition, even if we keep a limited number of satisfied clients. This is what motivates us to do our best to earn our customers and retain them.

In a word, we are aiming for a partnership that lasts and develops over time.

Our mission

Our consulting firm is intended to accompany and assist marketing entrepreneurs and communication, management and IT decision makers in their dynamic growth and in their global quest for performance.

Our mission is our passion, and that it consist in delivering excellence in results for our clients.

Do you block on increasing your performance indicators and generating more added value? Do you need experts to help you achieve your dreams? You knock on the right door.

Advisory AFA seeks above all to satisfy its customers through high quality services, deep commitment and continuous proximity in order to deserve being your preferred consulting partner.

We work with all the possible businesses/institutions:

  • very small enterprises
  • SMEs
  • holding companies
  • multinationals
  • organizations
  • and even people id they promote something positive for the community

In this context, one wonders why small and medium businesses do not have access to the same tools exploited by big companies. For this reason, we make available such robust marketing and management tools to all our customers regardless of their size or industry.

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Our Philosphy

The pillars of our approach

Our doctrine, conception and manner to interpret the consultancy field perfectly joins our label "AFA". We want to reach the "pinnacle" in the field of communication marketing, management and computing/IT consulting.

For this reason, our philosophy incorporates two main components:

  • globalization
  • continuous improvement and technology watch

We aim to build an effective, creative and multidisciplinary expertise to support our clients in regards of all their problems.

To design and implement an optimized communication strategy, an effective marketing plan, or any project management or IT system/platform, we explore all the available and appropriate tools for that particular project.

1) Global consulting firm

We provide entrepreneurs and managers with all the necessary skills in marketing, communication, commercial, management and IT to:

  • Simplify their lives by working with one multi-skilled consultant that can deal with all of your issues.
  • Create synergies by fully exploiting the various available tools.

We partner with different clients that may be located in Morocco or abroad, private or public, large or small:

  • very small, small and medium-sized businesses
  • holding companies and multinationals
  • public organizations
  • even people working for good causes

In our consultancy firm, we wonder why the marketing, management and IT tools are exclusively monopolized by the big businesses, that's why we are fighting to make them also available to small companies regardless of their size or industry sector.

2) Continuous improvement

The areas of marketing, management and IT are rapidly changing and continuously bringing new concepts, for this reason, our consulting firm is following a continuous improvement strategy:

  • We constantly update our expertise.
  • We strive to acquire and experiment new methods and ideas.

We use the best practices and we push our quality standards to the pinnacle because our desire is to provide you with a strong consultancy that will meet your expectations.

With these two pillars of our philosophy, we can produce effective, operational, innovative and high return on investment (ROI) and enriched solutions.

What are your issues?

There is surely a response in AFA Advisory.

Strategic marketing

  • growth strategy and market penetration
  • launching new products
  • designing your strategic positioning
  • increasing the product awareness

Operational marketing and commercial action

  • destocking and sales promotion
  • events organization
  • commercial animation
  • retail marketing (merchandising, POS etc.)
  • new customer acquisition
  • increased sales performance with external/outsourced sales forces


  • management of your advertising campaign
  • media planning
  • ROI analysis of communications campaigns

Graphic design and print

  • creation of communication supports/materials and printing
  • logo design and conception of graphical charter/corporate identity guidelines

Customer relationship management

  • customer loyalty strategy
  • marketing information system
  • emailing
  • implementation of CRM tools (ERP or software)
  • loyalty program


  • creation of websites
  • charter and editorial line of a website
  • editorial content writing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social marketing and community management (SMO)

Market research

Are you willing to conduct a market research, or are you planning to undertake a crucial action that will mark a turning point in the history of your company, but you are lacking some actionable information on which you can base your decision? We can conduct your marketing research to collect the necessary data for optimal decisions:

  • quantitative research (surveys etc.)
  • qualitative research (focus groups, individual interviews etc.)
  • desk research

Our cross-media experience allows us to identify and solve your problems by creating custom, optimized and ROI oriented solutions.

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AFA Consulting Firm

About AFA Advisory

AFA Advisory is a consulting firm located in Morocco and more specifically in Casablanca. We operate in several consulting areas for the same purpose, namely increasing the overall performance of our clients and helping them to create more added value.

"AFA" in Berber language means "Mountain Peak". It's the ideal keyword that accurately conveys our values, mission and philosophy. We are continuously taking off in order to reach the pinnacle. We are fueled by great ambition and fierce determination.

We provide consultancy mainly in marketing, management and IT. We use our large expertise in a global and complimentary approach to create synergy effects. This makes our multi-skilled consulting firm a true incubator of trademarks, especially those in the launch or growth phrases.

Call us as you see fit

We have developed a wide range of services and act in several areas of expertise. Indeed, you can identify us with several names:

  • consulting firm
  • communications agency
  • web agency
  • advertising company
  • marketing agency
  • event agency
  • digital agency
  • or whatever you want ...

Our clients

We serve customers in Morocco of different sizes (SMEs, holding companies, corporations and organizations) operating in diverse activity domains. We also serve foreign companies that are willing to work with us such as an offshore web agency in Morocco, to outsource some parts of their activity in order to:

  • Control and reduce costs.
  • Cope with a surge of activity.

Opt for offshoring in Morocco and get an affordable service and a skilled workforce while being demanding on quality and deadlines.

With a multidisciplinary team, experienced and well qualified, your objectives in terms of quantitative and qualitative growth will be achieved with correct budgets.

Indeed, we hope to build a sustainable and a win-win relationship with our customers by accompanying them over time to conceive and implement the most effective and efficient commercial, marketing and communication strategy. We remain conscious of your goals and avoid squandering your resources and budgets because we consider it shameful.

Our services

Our competitive and human-sized agency is there to support you during the design and implementation of your marketing and management projects as well as your IT systems/platforms.

We deeply listen to our customers, and offer them enough flexibility and personalized services.

We capitalize on our expertise and pragmatic approach to solve your problems and thus implement and monitor your marketing, managerial and communication plans.

Do not wait! Contact us today to ensure adequate and customized solutions for all your needs. We operate in several areas and we know how to combine our skills and strengths in a cross-media perspective:

  • strategic marketing
  • commercial activity and sales promotion
  • operational and direct marketing
  • digital marketing and web development
  • qualitative and quantitative market research
  • marketing desk research
  • graphic design and digital/offset printing
  • and many others …

More than ever, you need to make the difference! So, entrust your project to our consultants!

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